Zambar Has Launched A New Menu Full Of Stew, Cafreal & Lamb Curry

new menu

We love ourselves some coastal food and Zambar is one of our favourite places to hit when craving South Indian delicacies. Now refurbished, they are all set to launch a new menu with some authentic introductions and unique innovations by Chef Natesan.

First Things First

new menu

Begin your meal with pineapple rasam, this amuse bouche will warm up your palate with a slight sweet and chilli flavour. Vegetarian or not, this South Indian bonne bouche with the chef’s own twist is not to be missed. Opt for potato cafreal and Sri Lankan kotthu roti from small plates, showcasing an intriguing combination of flavours and spices.

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What’s More? 

While the appetisers were enjoyed, it was the main course and desserts that stole the show. The Achamma’s lamb curry with flaky malabar parotta or chicken stew with appam, we can have bowlfuls of these without an ounce of regret. Comforting in their own way, both these dishes need to be followed by a long sleepy day. That is, of course after the desserts! Coconut jaggery pudding and the tender coconut ice cream are both excellent ways to end the meal. While we strongly recommend getting both, the jaggery pudding does tip the scale in its favour. It’s making us love Zambar even more than before!

Explore Zambar here.

Photos Courtesy Of: Zambar

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