Winter Sweets That Sugar-Coat This Perfect Wintery Season

Christmas Desserts In Delhi

Winters put us in a cuddle-some mood and is just all-around comforting, want to wrap a blanket around, put on some TV shows and binge-eat winter desserts. While hot and piping gulab jamuns are our all time favourite, these sweets, only available in winters are what we look forward to gorging this season!

Daulat Ki Chaat, Chandni Chowk 

A sweet, sugary cloud topped with pistachios and khoya, Daulat ki chaat is Delhi’s winter favourite. Often regarded as the ultimate soufflé, it takes a whole night to prepare (and two minutes to wipe clean)! Vendors all around Chandi Chowk sell this delicious dessert beginning from October, so don’t think much and go get yourself a plate.

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Panjiri, Standard Burfee 

If you are sensitive to cold during winters, head over to Standard Burfee and get some panjiri. A traditional Punjabi winter dessert, it’s filled with almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts and made in pure desi ghee and helps boost immunity. Try this with warm milk in the mornings and we assure you an illness-free winter!

Dal and Gajjar Halwa, Giani’s Chandni Chowk 

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Halwa and winters – a combination no one can beat. While dal halwa is very rich and heavy, gajjar halwa mixed with khoya is slightly lighter and topped with almonds. Both are decadent Indian mithais which no can say no to (not us for sure). While it’s available all around the city, our favourite remains the old Giani’s in Chandni Chowk to get a plate (or two)!

Pinni, Chaina Ram  

A traditional Punjabi delicacy, Pinnis are must have in winters. Round-shaped; made with desi ghee, they are another form of laddoo enriched with nuts, cardamom and khoya; only available when the temperatures begin to fall. Heat in the microwave for 15 seconds and this piping hot dessert will leave you wowed with every bite. Highly recommended after every meal (No, sweets are healthy)!

Malpua With Halwa, Standard Burfee 

While the large food chains like Bikanerwala serve malpua all year round, Standard Burfee only serves it in winters, accompanied by halwa. A lethal combination, it will leave you stuffed like a potato (you might have to tumble back home, just a warning) and still wanting more!

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Delhi Food Walks

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