Wine Condoms Are All You Need To Protect That Half-Empty Bottle Of Wine!

Wine Condoms on Amazon

Let’s face it. Drinking alone on a weekday is no fun. You open a bottle of wine and then try to re-cork it but more often than not it doesn’t fit back. And so you end up having to either finish it before calling it a night or you just let it sit in your fridge and resolve to make a wine-infused chicken dinner for yourself the following night. We found these awesome Wine Condoms on Amazon and we just could not believe our eyes. It certainly is a ‘stroke’ of genius.

Super Cool Wine Condoms On Amazon

Everything about Wine Condoms is great. The packaging is on point, it is handy and easy to use, and it is perfect for that half-empty bottle of wine that you just don’t have the heart to throw. It is made of rubber, like regular condoms, but doesn’t have the goopy lubricant that the other kind does (so don’t try to use it for any other purpose). You simply roll it over the rim and neck of the bottle and you can safely stow it away in your refrigerator. Plus, you can even let your bottle rest on its side.

Wine Condoms come in a pack of six in a super suave box. Keeping these around in your wallet or back pocket would be the easiest. This is probably the only time when condoms won’t be a taboo topic and you could casually bring it up in a conversation without sounding like a creep.

You could get your own set of Wine Condoms so that you never have to deal with corks and bottle stoppers. They’re so 2008 anyway. Plus they’re really reasonable seeing that it’s a very exclusive product for something damn specific. But well, we definitely still need this right? Right.

Buy these awesome Wine Condoms here. Add to your cart right now!

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