Westside Story In Rajouri Garden Reinvents Affordable Fine-Dining & Rarah Pizza

westside story

Chatpati Diary went to Westside Story, and took us along. We came back with a full stomach and good things to say.

First Things First

As ardent lovers of food, we are always in search of something new and delicious – a different cuisine, a unique dish and an affordable fine-dine restaurant. So, Rajouri Garden which has array of restaurants, yet again floored us with its newest offering called The Westside Story, located in the heart of West Delhi. This new kid on the block offers plethora of cuisine from Indian to Burmese, Italian to Chinese. The interiors are elegant as well as exquisitely ornate.

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What’s On The Menu?

An extraordinary warm day called for a nice refreshing drink, and the Virgin Cucumber Mojito was a perfect treat. Lemon and fresh mint gives this pretty green non-alcoholic punch a mojito flavor. The cucumber lends this drink a beautiful fresh scent and taste. Next came, the Som tom which is a spicy papaya salad that will light your taste buds on fire. This fiery little salad is one of Thailand’s best known culinary export but it didn’t taste right here for us.

Moving on to the appetisers, Chinese Button Mushroom was crispy and had a sweet tangy taste, while on the other hand, salty Crispy American Corn tossed with assorted peppers and chilies features an outburst of crunch and flavor. Crunchy Cheesy Broccoli served with chili mayonnaise was again delicious. Cheese creates a flavorful blanket for these crispy broccoli bites that are the perfect side on. Following the starters, was the perfect Indian snack, Karare Dahi Ke Kebab, which is an infusion of hung curd with Indian spices. A must try for vegetarians.

Coming to the mains, the highlight of the lunch was the Mushroom Rarah Pizza. With the blend of makhani sauce it had a very Indian taste and is now one of our favorite. We judged this amalgamation success and enjoyed every bite. Burmese curry with Steamed Rice was authentically done and had the divine flavors of coconut milk, caramelized onions and fried garlic. Paneer Roganjosh is a good option with garlic or traditional naan that was up to the snuff and delicious.

The Verdict

Overall, the food is delicious, the freshness of the ingredients and the superior skills of the chef shine through in every dish and the décor and ambience are inimitable!

Photo Courtesy Of: Westside Story

This article was originally published on Chatpati Diary

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