Dear Wenger’s, Your Black Forest & Pineapple Pastry Wins Delhi Hearts Since 91 Years

wenger's in connaught place

We’ve grown up seeing Wenger’s in the corner of A block, day after day, for years together. But, it’s a little-known fact that it was built by a British Architect back in 1926. It had already established itself as a place where one could get the best bakery and confectionary items by the time Connaught Place got completed in 1933. It was first owned by a Swiss couple named Wenger, but they sold it to an employee just a few years before partition. It used to be built over two floors and was much bigger than what it is right now. They have, however, remained true to who they were from when they first started. As one of the oldest joints in this part of the city, Wenger’s has seen Connaught Place being built brick by brick and has seen trends come and go.

Soon after, CP got more dining options and it became less feasible for Wenger’s to maintain their huge ball room and the two dining areas. So, they were broken down to make shops. What you see of Wenger’s in Delhi today is just a small fraction of what it used to be.

Dear Wenger’s,

Just like you’ve seen the city and its people grow, I’ve grown up watching you make delectable treats without fail, day after day. I remember my parents telling me that I could never decide what I wanted whenever we’d drive down from Gurgaon to get a special treat and that I used to constantly try and reach the counter to place my order myself as a wee little four-year old.

We’ve moved closer ever since, and I don’t have to make a 40 km long journey to get to you. Honestly, I still can’t decide even though I have my favourites now. All that variety makes me feel like I’ve entered a dreamlike state that looks a lot like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (the Johnny Depp version, obviously). When I walk out of the doors, I feel sad that the dream has ended, but I’m soon able to cheer myself up when I take a bite from the goodies I’ve gotten packed for myself.

You’ve Been Consistent

wenger's in connaught place

Representative Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

You’ve been making these awesome treats every day, without fail, and the quality has pretty much remained the same over the years. I still get those delicious jam-filled Swiss rolls that I used to get as a child, and not once have I thought that it has changed in terms of portion size, texture, or taste. Sure, the prices have increased, but you do need to keep up with the competition and pay bills too. So, that’s entirely understandable.

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You’ve Maintained Your Identity

So many trends have come and gone, but you’ve maintained who you are. I’ll be forever grateful to you for not turning into every other hipster brand that comes and goes these days with their molecular madness and weird combinations that, more often than not, don’t work out as well as they thought. I can still expect to see awesome Easter bunnies and eggs in spring time, the rich and decadent plum cake around Christmas, and all of those sweet treats I could die for, lined up on your shelves. You’re the one that still makes no-nonsense goodies, and that’s why I love you so much.

You Make Me Come Back For More

Whether I’ve had a particularly draining work day or I just have no reason to carry a tune and skip and jump happily, I’ve almost always shared those days with you. I’d make my way over to you first, and then to my other favourite spot in the city, and it never fails to lift my spirits. After all, there’s nothing a Wenger’s cake can’t fix! Sometimes I’m even caught daydreaming about those luscious lemon tarts, and those super soft chocolate cakes with silky ganache on them.

Wenger’s Deli Is Where I Would Hang Out All Day If I Could

wenger's in connaught place

Photo Courtesy Of: Sachin Singh Rana/Zomato

You make the softest waffles, the cheesiest lasagna and pasta, and some of the most loaded hot dogs I’ve had. They may be messy, but they’re worth taking the trouble and coming all the way for them. Plus, they fit my budget no matter which part of the month I’m at. The seating may be limited, but I don’t mind waiting. Never have I seen someone complain about the food. At least, not when I’d come visiting. Plus, people who love you as much as I do are happy to help others find seating when we’re here. 

So What I’m Saying Is

You’ve already been around for over 90 years now and you haven’t stopped dishing out delectable desserts. I’ve known you for the better part of 25 years. I’m in love with you and I always will be. For me, you can never be irrelevant and I will never ever stop coming back to you.


The One Who Would Die For Your Swiss Rolls

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Neeru Singh/

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