There’s A Protest March For Veg Biryani Rights And We’re Feeling So Conflicted

Veg Biryani Protest At India Gate

Most biryani lovers have very strong opinions about biryani. Is the boiled egg variety is better than the boiled potato variety? What kind of salan goes best with biryani? The debates are endless. But what most biryani lovers can agree on is that veg biryani is an abomination. And it is to fight these archaic and hateful beliefs that a Facebook page called The Opinionated Paneer is hosting a protest march for veg biryani rights on the 21st of December. They hope that this veg biryani protest at India Gate will change the way everyone looks at biryani. 

Veg Biryani Has Feelings Too! 

The event, listed on Facebook, has the sole purpose to present veg biryani as an equal and independent form of biryani. It might be a difficult battle to fight as veg biryani is considered by many, including myself, to be nothing more than pulao. The event page makes a bold and passionate request, ‘For years, feudal biryanis named after cities and full of dead, innocent animals has consisted of the top 1%.’ 

While there are only 123 people who have signed up as interested for the event on its Facebook page, the debate in the comment section has already begun. Ashish Singh posted, ‘Only Pulao lovers hit like. Bina chicken wala kab se biryani ho gaya?’. Rishabh Srivastava agrees, saying, ‘I agree. Veg biryani also has feelings and it’s called pulao’. But there have been people coming out in support of the movement as well. Amit Tiwary is against the slaughter of animals for biryani and joined the debate with the hashtags #SaveLife #SaveInnocentAnimals.

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The Winds Of Change? 

With the biryani debate gathering more and more energy, the event on the 21st of December might bring about a wave of change in the biryani world. We commend the conviction and bravery of the organisers of this event to stand up for their beliefs. Even if they might be, and most probably are, completely wrong. 

Check out the event page here

Feature Photo Courtesy: Flickr/Gagandeep Sapra & Wikimedia Commons

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