*UNLIMITED* Golgappas For Rs 99 & Chole Bhature At Rs 199 At This Ansal Plaza Restaurant

Unlimited Golgappas at Rs 99

Every Dilliwallas’ life is incomplete without a golgappa. We technically love eating everything edible and golgappas are our legit favourite. Street food has been part of my foodie life with golgappas and chole bhature being a regular. What if you get a chance to eat as many golgappas and chole bhature as you want without paying a big amount for it? Well! Here is the deal! Masala Trail at Ansal Plaza is giving unlimited golgappas at Rs 99 and unlimited chole bhature at Rs 199 as part of their new TMT Rs 99 menu and unlimited trail brunch menu.

Unlimited Golgappas At Rs 99

The popular Masala Trail by Osama Jalali is offering unlimited golgappas in just Rs 99. This awesome deal is part of the restaurant’s all new ‘TMT Rs 99’ menu that was launched recently. The golgappas are available in both sooji and aata variety to cater everyone’s choices.

As part of the TMT Rs 99 menu, you can also have Purani Dilli Bhalla Papri, Cheese/ Chilli Momos, Chowpatty Bhel Puri, Chowpatty Pav Bhaji and Kulfi Faluda among others by paying Rs 99 only. But wait, this pure vegetarian restaurant has more in store for you.

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Unlimited Trail Brunch

Masala Trail has also come up with an ‘Unlimited Trail Brunch’ menu that allows you to eat unlimited desi food for Rs 199 only. The menu includes options to choose including Purane Dilli ke Chole Bhature with Kesaria Lassi, TMT Matar Kulcha with Neer Mor, Agra Kachori Sabji with Jaljeera and Bihari Litti Chokha among others. Yes, all you dilliwallas can eat as much chole bhature as you want by paying Rs 199 only. This is foodgasmic!

The new ‘TMT Rs 99’ and ‘Unlimited Trail Brunch’ menu by Masala Trail gives you an amazing deal to satiate your taste buds and experience food bliss. Grab all your buddies and visit Masala Trail today to eat unlimited golgappas at Rs 99 and unlimited chole bhature at Rs 199.

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