Triveni Terrace Cafe Is The Mecca Of Artsy Delhiites & The One Romance That Keeps Me Burning

triveni terrace cafe in mandi house

Today’s cafes have a more youthful vibe and are slightly more expensive than say, Indian Coffee House or Madras Coffee House, but you do find older teenagers and young adults making their own traditions with these places. Triveni Terrace Cafe in Mandi House has, for years, been the centre of cultural and political discussions and it never falters to impress no matter how many times you go there, or what time of the day it is.

Coffee houses in Delhi date back to the pre-independence era. These places have been through thick and thin and have been a witness to the ever changing trends that rule the city. Yet, they never lose their charm. Once you find a coffee house that suits your personality, you more often than not tend to stick with it. Formal coffee houses have given way to new age cafes, but the idea remains the same.

Dear Triveni Terrace Cafe,

I personally would rather spend my days holed up in my room with just enough light to help me read my books, and cups of tea to sustain me. But, ever since we were introduced, I fell irrevocably in love with you. I mean it completely when I say that I love you from the bottom of my heart, and you’re a gem hidden in plain sight. So, hear me out when I pour my heart out to you, for you’re more than just a café for me—you’re an extension of who I am.

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You’re The Only One That Makes My Heart Sing

I’ve come to you on good days and bad, when my heart was overflowing with happiness, and when I had been feeling completely morose for too long. You’ve been who I’ve turned to whenever I needed to centre myself; especially when the dark days became darker than I could handle on my own. You’ve always managed to brighten up my spirits when no human could, and I’m immensely grateful to you. In fact, people have to stop me from bursting into song when I talk about you for you make me so happy. 

Triveni Terrace Cafe In Mandi House Is The Prettiest Spot

triveni terrace cafe in mandi house

Whether I’ve come to you with my friends, or with a lover, you’ve managed to floor them all—just as you had me floored at our first rendezvous. I love everything about you: The pretty wrought iron chairs; the cosy indoor seating; the serene amphitheatre right outside where I don’t mind waiting when there are lots of people occupying seats. In fact, I love it when people are here to get a taste of all your awesome offerings. So many times I’ve brought crushes and boyfriends, and first-time dates to you. I’ve been crushed and broken hearted, and extremely elated at stolen kisses and you’ve seen me through it all.

From Snacks To Full Meals, You Do It All

triveni terrace cafe in mandi house

You’re not only my favourite chai-time place but also my favourite lunch spot. And now that you’ve started dinner service, you’ve given me more excuses to linger around for a longer time. My favourites have always been your pakoda platter, palak patta chaat, nimbu paani, masala chai…I could go on and on and practically cover everything on your menu. The best part is that they easily fit into my meagre budget.

The Service Is Always Seamless

triveni terrace cafe in mandi house

I cannot write this heartfelt letter and not mention the super fast service that I always get when I’m here. Maybe it’s the fact that there are more people serving, or that the place is just enough for about 30-35 people, but the service has never failed to impress. Your servers never break a sweat even when it’s way too hot or too cold outside and the number of people waiting to escape to the safe haven that you are, keep piling. It’s their friendly smile and their warm assurance, apart from other things, that keep people believing in you.

In Conclusion

triveni terrace cafe in mandi house

I’ve poured my heart out to you because you’ve always been there ready to envelop me in your arms. It’s rare to find a place that means to one more than humans do, but when we do, we tend to hold on to them. And that’s exactly what you mean to me. It is my only wish that you never shut down again (like you did a few years ago) and you continue to keep serving all my favourite dishes and drinks. I hope you never ever change and give in to sensationalism, unlike these newer cafes.


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