Toblerone Changes Its Chocolate Shapes & Fans Are Now Upset

Chocolate shapes

Toblerone changed its chocolate shapes and people all over the world are losing it.

First Things First

The US – based makers of Toblerone, Mondelez International said that they had to change the shape of the bars to make the bars a little lighter. They’ve changed the sizes of the 400g bars and the 170g bars.

chocolate shapes

They said that they only had two options—to either increases the prices or to change the look of the chocolate, and they decided to go with the latter. Now, there is an increased gap in between the triangles.

The weight of the 400g bars has gone down to 360 g, while the weight of the 170g bars has gone down to 150g. However, the size of the packaging has remained the same. They said that they chose to make this move to keep the product affordable to their customers.

The decision seems to not be going very well with the customers. The popular opinion seems to be that they wouldn’t have minded smaller bars, but changing the shape has left the fans outraged.

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