The Iconic Toofani Drink Thums Up Is Launching Their Sugar Free Range In India!

Thums Up

Cold drinks are our ultimate companion in every gathering. Whether you take it with your choice of booze or prefer it just by itself on sober days, colas are your go-to drink. But what’s the one thing that makes you think twice before taking a sip of your favourite soft drink? Calories and weight gain. Am I right or am I right? The calories in colas might occur as a deterrent in their consumption but Thums Up has decided to end your woes. They are finally introducing a sugar-free version and you won’t have to feel guilty about cheating your diet! And that’s not all guys! Thums Up has launched it in collaboration with the latest Marvel flick, Avengers Infinity War. Check it out!

Thums Up Launches Sugar-Free Drink

The country’s top beverage company, Coca-Cola India has announced the launch of Thums Up Charged with the same strong taste and extra thunder. The move is the company’s conscious effort to allow its consumers to enjoy the strong taste of Thums Up without worrying about the sugar intake. This no sugar, no-calorie drink will be sweetened with sucralose but the taste will remain the same. Thums Up is Coca-Cola India’s first home-grown beverage brand and is about 40-years old. It already sells Coke Zero and Sprite Zero in the country, which are the zero calorie variants of Coke and Sprite.

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Thums Up Charged: It’s What The Avengers Are Drinking

Thumbs Up Launches Sugar Free Drink

Thums Up Charged No Sugar. Photo Courtesy Of: Coca-Cola India

Marvel fans, listen up. The new Thums Up Charged range is being launched in India in association with Avengers Infinity War. Wait, WHAT? That’s right. They have joined hands with Marvel Cinematic Universe for the launch of Thums Up Charged in order to connect better with millennials. This is because all the four Marvel Avengers superheroes coincide with the thunderous image of Thums Up making it a perfect association. Imagine your favourite Avenger Super Heroes with the ‘Aaj kuch toofani karte hai’ tagline playing in the background for max effect!

Thums Up Charged will don illustrations of Marvel characters including Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk on their cans and pet bottles. Your favourite Marvel Avengers superheroes will feature on the packaging of this super cool drink. Moreover, Coca-Cola India will also run campaigns of the drink on television as well as on social media platforms. They are also going to host exclusive previews of Avengers Infinity War apart from conducting an on-ground drink sampling across 14 Indian cities.

Diversification In Product Portfolio

Thums Up has launched this sugar-free drink with an aim to diversify their product profile and accepting the consumer’s changing preferences and tastes. The move is a milestone for the company that has been working on the sugar reduction strategy. Since people were craving for Thums Up but did not want to mess up their diet, Coca-Cola India introduced the Thums Up Charged variant in lieu of the demands. It also believes that the move shows its commitment towards promoting better consumer health.

What’s More? 

Thumbs Up Launches Sugar Free Drink

Thums Up Charged. Photo Courtesy Of: Coca-Cola India

The Thums Up Charged range was launched in India late last year with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as brand ambassador. The energy drink is a variant to the original Thums Up with higher caffeine content. As part of Coca-Cola’s 55th anniversary in Bangladesh, the company recently launched Thums Up Charged there. Currently, the bottle is available in only some of the key cities of Bangladesh but will soon be available across India too.

Although there is no information available on when Thums Up Charged will hit the shelves, we hope to grab a bottle super soon. For more information, you can check Coca-Cola India’s Facebook page.

Now we don’t have to worry about having to run that extra kilometre or feeling guilty while downing cola. Thums Up Charged is soon going to be at a store near you and you can finally enjoy it without worrying about flouting your diet!

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