Get Beer For Rs 14 ONLY At This Cafe In Janakpuri!

Three Tuns Beer Deal

All beer lovers unite! This Valentine’s Day we have an offer for you that you will not think twice before grabbing. Three Tuns Cafe & Bar have taken on themselves to make your V-day extra special by giving away beers for Rs. 14 only. However, there is a catch, not a major one though. You will still get your beer for Rs. 14 on this coming 14 February 2018. Three Tuns beer deal is doing rounds in the lit Unity Mall of Janakpuri and here is all that you need to know:

Three Tuns Beer Deal

Three Tuns Beer Deal

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Come one, come all to the celebrate V-day with some extra alcohol. Three Tuns has the best offer for all the people with beer bellies in this town, and even for the ones without the belly can indulge in this offer. The deal will give you your first beer on V-day for Rs. 14 only! So make sure to be there with your special someone and make the most of this deal.

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Cool Addition To Janakpuri

The Three Tuns Cafe & Bar is a chic little cafe in the Unity Mall of Janakpuri. While there are endless number of hangout places in West Delhi, we love what they have got to offer. Check out this video about Three Tuns to find out what they serve best and make an informed choice when it comes to food and other liquor.

Head To
2nd Floor, Unity One Mall, Near Janak Puri West Metro Station, Janakpuri, New Delhi
Say Hello At
+91 7838870000
PayINR 1,400 for two people (approx.) 
ExploreThree Tuns Beer Deal

Tag your friends or special someone in the comments below. Make sure you go there prepared to have a fun night. Regardless of the number of beers you get for under Rs. 14, Three Tuns actually entertains a classy crowd. Have fun people!

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