Breakfast Cutlets In Rajdhani Express Are Love For Every Indian Who Likes Train Journeys

Breakfast In Rajdhani Express

We all have our travel favourites. Similarly for me, breakfast in Rajdhani Express, especially the IRCTC cutlets have a nostalgic value attached to them. While some people look forward to reading books in the silent refuge of a moving train, some look forward to the breakfast. My personal favourite is the Bread and Cutlet that does rounds in the morning trains, especially the ones served in the Rajdhani Express.

Nostalgic Reverie: Breakfast In Rajdhani Express

Since my childhood days, every Rajdhani or Shatabdi experience was all about the breakfast in the morning. Soon my parents started playing along and we would always get two extra plates of cutlets. I love cutlets in general but hailing from a hardcore North Indian family, this was the first time I was exposed to vegetable cutlet that had more than potatoes in it.


Photo Courtesy Of: Mathew M. Philip

The one thing that charmed me most was the beetroot that added a flavour I had never tasted before. Additionally the beetroot and peanuts add a little something to chew on. The cutlets were the reason I would wake up in the morning at 7:30 and brush my teeth in the disgusting basin of the train.

It is one dish, but I have seen people savour it differently. Here is how:

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1. Eat The Cutlet With Ketchup

Breakfast In Rajdhani Express

Photo Courtesy Of: Mathew M. Philip

The most common way people would eat this breakfast is by simply gobbling their cutlets without including the bread in the meal at all. That was my idea of ideal breakfast too. But as I grew up, this became less filling and I would end up craving for more.

2. Put Both The Cutlets Between Two Breads

Then there was this technique of utilising everything served in the packet, even the peas. So you collect all the food and make yourself a sandwich by adding ketchup either inside it or use it as a dip on the side.

Breakfast In Rajdhani Express

Photo Courtesy Of: Mathew M. Philip

3. Half A Cutlet In One Bread

Then you could always act smart and spread out half a cutlet in one bread. Which would save you one whole cutlet to devour separately. That way you have satisfied both your stomachs and your palate.

 4. Fork And Knife In Play

fork and knife

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

There are always people, even in trains who will make the finest use of the fork and knife provided along with the meal. Picking the peas with the fork has always been my favourite game to play, whether or not I ate the rest of the meal like that. However, they may have discontinued to provide a fork and knife anymore.

So all in all, if you love breakfasts, train journeys and cutlets, this is something you must try on your next trip. I can promise you, you’ll not be disappointed. The rest of the meals? We can’t promise anything really. It’s the IRCTC after all. Some other cutlets to try in Delhi.

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Mathew M. Philip

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