10 Strongest Beers In The World That Will Test Your Chugging Skillz

strongest beers in the world

There’s nothing like a chilled mug or bottle of beer to end your day with. All your day’s worries seem to melt away. But, we usually get beers that has about 4.5-7% alcohol which is just the right amount to get you buzzed if you have a few of them. But, these are the strongest beers in the world, and you cannot take them lightly. They’ve been prepared and distilled like some of the world’s strongest spirits, and are extremely boozy on the alcohol level. If you ever get your hands on one, it will be worth a shot; and a shot is all you’ll be able to have because they definitely do not taste the best.

10. Struise Black Damnation VI – Messy

strongest beers in the world

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This beer is one of the few on this list that actually tastes great. The brewery originally came out with 12 beers in this series, and they’ve run this through all kinds of processes and given it all kinds of flavours, and aged it on rum, whisky, and bourbon casks. They have another beer in the same series that is at 13%, and they’ve taken that, applied the Eisbock method (beer obtained by freeze distillation). This beer has an alcohol percentage of 39% and has some great notes of coffee and dark chocolate. It still tastes like beer and even though you can definitely taste the alcohol, it’s not very overwhelming.

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9. Baladin Esprit De Noel

This brewery’s ‘Christmas spirit’ was distilled back in the year 2011 after having aged it in oak barrels for about three years. This ultra strong beer is super smooth and has light wooden and chocolate notes and is a straw yellow coloured drink. This one has an alcohol percentage of 40% and is from Italy.

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8. BrewDog Sink The Bismarck

strongest beers in the world

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This beer is armed at 41% ABV and this is not even their strongest beer yet. The beer is bitter but has notes of honey and hop oils that have a lingering after taste. This beer is enough to knock your socks off if you aren’t used to drinking a strong beer like this one.

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7. Schorschbrau Schorschbock 43

We can’t pronounce this name and we already are unable to spell it either. This beer comes all the way from Germany and, you guessed it, it has an alcohol percentage of 43! This beer has only been brewed once and has been known to be extremely spicy too!

6. Koelschip Obilix

This is another brewery who’s beers you’ll be seeing here more than once. Koelschip takes their strong beers very seriously. This beer is also a limited edition brew, just like many other beers on this list and it is extremely tough to find. In any case, this beer has an alcohol percentage of 45% and it tastes basically like cough syrup.

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5. The End Of History


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This beer is made by the same people who made Sink The Bismarck. The bottles come wrapped in stuffed dead squirrels. They may have fallen short of the top spot in the category for the strongest beers in the world, but they have received some notable mentions seeing that their packaging is pretty cool (or horrifying). This is priced at roughly $780 a bottle and has hints of juniper berries, mead, and nettles too. Also, this beer at 55% ABV is considered to be the most expensive beer in the world.


4. Schorschbrau Schorschbock 57


Photo Courtesy Of: Beer Store Club

Do you have a feeling that you just saw this on the list? Well, the same brewery is making this beer that has an alcohol percentage of a whopping 57%, and it’s still not at the top. The brew is seriously strong, and this is nothing more than a fiery shot of booze. Here. taste isn’t what you should be drinking this for.

3. Koelschip Start The Future

There is a pattern on this list, yes. These breweries have been competing against one another to garner the no. 1 spot for years. Kolschip’s Start The Future happened when they went back to try and plan out a new brew after the success of the Obilix. This beer ranks third with an alcohol percentage of 60% ABV in response to BrewDog’s The End Of History. This beer tastes more like rubbing alcohol than actual beer.

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2. Brewmeister Armageddon


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The first two spots have been bagged by the same brewery called Brewmeister that is based in Scotland. They decided that they were done watching the likes of Koelschip, BrewDog and Schorschbrau fight toe to toe in the battle to be the producer of the strongest beer in the world and created the 65% ABV Armageddon. This beer is supposed to be had like fine whisky and is made from crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, and Scottish spring water.

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1. Brewmeister Snake Venom 

Finally, at no. 1 is Brewmeister’s Snake Venom. This beer is the strongest in the world at 67.5% ABV. This beer is made with smoked peat malt along with Champagne and ale yeast. This is quite easily available online for roughly $80.

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