OMG! 500+ Ways To Customise Gelato Sticks At This New Gelato Ice-Cream Spot In CyberHub

Stickhouse At Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Italians have bestowed upon the world a myriad of culinary innovations including pizza, pasta and most importantly, Gelato ice creams. They are basically healthier variants of ice creams and are found in better & more unique flavours. One such amazing gelato brand is coming to the capital and here’s everything you need to know about StickHouse at Cyber Hub Gurgaon. 

StickHouse At Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Stickhouse At Cyber Hub Gurgaon

StickHouse is already operating in 96 locations across 17 countries and it had ventured into India with an amazing outlet in Hyderabad. And guess what, they’re now on their way to DLF Cyber Hub.

They already have a number of gelato ice creams that’ll make you lust for more (Watermelon Kiwi sounds amazing!), and to top it all, they let you customise them too. You can expect concoctions like lemon-mint, flowery sticks, cioko orange and so many more! They are 100% vegetarian, and you can customise them with different flavours and toppings. You pick a flavour, dip it in a sauce and add toppings of your choice! They have 12 amazing flavours and toppings in sauces, dips and nuts (10 different options).

The sauces vary from chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and white chocolate. 

So all you gelato geeks out there, buckle up for the best and the quirkiest gelato brand is heading to the G-town. 

Head to Cyber City, Gurgaon 

Say hello at 0120 4399977

Explore Stickhouse 

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Stickhouse India 

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