3 Spiral French Fries That Are Way Crispier Than The Usual French Fries

Spiral Fries In Delhi

People who live on potatoes solely know what fries are for them. But sometimes, they even get bored of the usual French Fries and that’s when these spiral fries comes into the picture. Here’s  a list of spiral fries in Delhi that are way crunchier and yummier, than the usual ones.

1. Twist Potato

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As the name suggests, Twist Potato specialises in spiral fries. Their menu features limited variety of masalas which includes magic masala, cream ‘n’ onion, tangy tomato and cheese masala. Our personal favourite is the magic masala, so go discover yours.

Head to Food Court, DLF Place Mall, Saket

Say hello at +91 8860846564

Pay INR 200 for two people (approx)

Explore Twist Potato

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2. Hash Stix

Who knew Faridabad had such a gem of a foodie spot? Hash Stix is literally every potato lover’s paradise. They have flavours like pudina, peri-peri, manchurian, tangy tomato, magic masala amongst others. Not only this, they also offer non-veg potato Stix which basically has potatoes and sausages together. How cool is that?

Head to Shop 150, Sector 15, Faridabad

Say hello at +91 9871753643

Pay INR 250 for two people (approx)

Explore Hash Stix

3. California Classics

This newbie in the foodie hub of NSP has been creating a rage already. They have three types of fries i.e. handcut fries, curly cut, crinkle-cut. If you are the spiral fries lover then go for the curly cut variant and you get flavours like honey mustard, cheese burst, maggi magic, pizza and oh so many more.

Head to G-1, Ground Floor, Near Aggarwal Millenium Tower, NSP

Say hello at +91 9811882750

Pay INR 300 for two people (approx)

Featured Image Courtesy Of: Hash Stix 

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