Stay Hydrated: Eat Your Water Instead Of Drinking It

If you are one of those people who don’t feel thirsty or just take less water than required, it’s time to compensate for the low H2O levels in your body. Increase your water intake through these healthy fruits to avoid skin dryness with winter on its way!


Containing 87% water, gulping an orange while soaking in the sun, is a quintessential winter experience. A great way to increase your water and fiber intake, oranges are healthy and tangy-licious! No, that’s not a word.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away (if you throw it hard enough)! No, we aren’t saying you should start throwing apples, but eating one will definitely decrease your water deficiency. Containing 84% water, apples had to be on our list!

Sweet Lime

Sweet, sour and juicy, sweet lime is often available throughout the seasons and helps prevent dehydration. Commonly consumed in juice form, it’s great to eat with some black salt, lying on a hammock along the beachside (of course considering the season, in your jumper rather than swimsuit)!


What did you just say? Yes, kumquats are fruits lesser known to Indian people. Its part of the citrus family rarely grown in India, but often imported from the neighbouring countries like Nepal and China. A funky fruit which you can eat without peeling, skin on! High in vitamin C and water content it is believed to improve skin health.


Hard to get hold of, cranberries are just smacking delicious! Containing 87% water, they are good for the kidneys and perfect to sprinkle on cereals. While dried, sweetened and frozen cranberries are widely available, fresh cranberries will require you to go online and order a gracious amount for delivery.

We are also hoarding the pomegranates, cucumbers and other water-laden veggies this winter. What are you eat-drinking? What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some water (fruits) to eat!

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