This Sikh Community Is Volunteering & Providing Langar To Rohingyas At The Border & It’s Heartwarming

Sikh Aid For Rohingyas

 It is rightly said, Sikhs get shit done. The volunteers of Khalsa Aid International are doing humanitarian work at the Bangladesh-Myanmar border and helping stranded Rohingya refugees in their times of necessity and need. The Rohingya crisis is adding up to unimaginable numbers and the small but heartfelt work with Sikh aid for Rohingyas will go a long way in motivating and helping the refugees. 

Sikh Aid For Rohingyas

India Today reported that, “Volunteers of this organisation reached out to areas around the Bangladesh-Myanmar border earlier on Sunday. In a Facebook post shared yesterday, the Khalsa Aid members said the situation was “extremely desperate” here.” They are launching a major relief operation and have asked for support from nearby communities. 

In the below Facebook lives, we can see relief coming in. The Indian Express reported that the condition at the border is miserable and Khalsa Aid’s Managing director told TIE, “They are living without water, food, clothes and shelter. They are sitting wherever they can find a corner. It is raining, but people do not have anywhere to go. It is miserable to say the least. We will be providing them langar food and shelter.”

There are reportedly more than 3 lakh refugees in the area. TIE also reported Khalsa Aid saying that, “The priority is to not let anyone sleep without food. Children are roaming without clothes and begging for food. Those who do not get space in camps are sitting along roads in hope of getting food from someone.”

What Is The Condition?

TIE was also told that families are crossing thick jungles on foot in Myanmar, and they crossed border through boats and then resumed journey on foot. “Most of them have traveled for more than ten days. Since then, children had no food or water. They are in dire need of food and water.”

You can donate here to help the refugees at this Just Giving  Rohingya Refugees Relief campaign.

You can read the full story here and here

Photo Courtesy Of: Khalsa Aid Org


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