We’re Wearing Shorts To Get Free Shots At This Festival & You Need To Go Too!

Shots & Shorts Festival 2018

From the hot chocolate of winters to the badam milk of summers, we love them all. But the best thing we love about season change is the change in the kind of alcohol deals that come our way. Now that winters are fading, so is rum (unless you are an Old Monk fan).  Swag Festival is organising another one of their crazy events and this time, they will give you FREE Shots if you wears shorts only at their Shots & Shorts Festival 2018!

Shots & Shorts Festival 2018

Shots & Shorts Festival 2018

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Apart from falling sick, people are also falling in love with shots again. If not yet, then you will fall in love with them now because they are free! So ditch the dresses, jeans, sodas and LIITs, this summer is going to be all about keeping it short. So put on your favourite short, get a friend and head straight to this amazing festival if you love taking shots. After all nothing makes a day better than having a few shots of wait…it’s a surprise! So gear up people.

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SWAG Festival

shots & Shorts Festival 2018

Photo Courtesy Of: Max Pixel and Wikimedia Commons

We have noticed that the makers of SWAG Festival have planned a couple of cool events coming up April onwards and we approve. From Unlimited Beer Carnival to this very unique festival, these guys have s hooked to our seats. When you mix alcohol and festivals, you have our ears and if you love these deals too, then let us know in the comments section.

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7th April 2018
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Tag a friend to match your shorts with and take them along to this amazing festival. Stay tuned for more information, you are getting all the cool details from us and we are sure you want more. See you in shorts!

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