10 Scary Shots For Rs 200 At #NoFilter’s Spooky Party, This Friday The 13th!

Shots & Cocktails At #NoFilter

As Friday the 13th is considered to be a scary and an unlucky day which occurs hardly once or twice every year, we are pretty excited about this one being so close to Halloween. Try these 1o lethal shots & cocktails at #NoFilter which will turn this spooky night in a happening Friday. 

10 Lethal Shots And Cocktails To Try At #NoFilter

#NoFilter has come up with a really cool event where you can indulge in super scary shots and cocktails at their Friday the 13th party. Instead of staying at home and thinking that its an unlucky day. The best part about the night is that all shots and cocktails are only for Rs 200 all-inclusive. They also have a 1+1 Happy Hours till 9pm everyday, so why are you still here reading this?

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1.Vampire Bite

red shots

Photo Courtesy Of: Nic Redhead Via Flickr

This is a vodka shot mixed with watermelon juice which also has a  piece of watermelon spong in it. Looks like a perfect combination to us. Even vampires will skip the blood and try this instead.  

2. Black Magic

As the name suggests, it’s a shot which is a mix of blackberry and vodka with a sugar rim. Don’t worry guys their won’t be any black magic on you after drinking this. It will only give a slight kick to you. 

3. Brain Shooter

We are sure that this one is surely going to shoot up your brain.  It’s a vodka base shot mixed with vanilla ice cream and grenadine. Looks Interesting!

4. Apocalypse

shot flickr

Photo Courtesy Of: Connie Via Flickr

 We but you can’t try this shot. This shot can actually be identified as the most spiciest shot. This has infused green chilli with rimmed chaat masala which will surely blow away your mind. 

5. Knockout Tequila Cocktail

A perfect blend of Tequila, Ice Cream, Chocolate and candy – this drink is surely going to make you drunk at a party. Because we all know what happens when you mix your alcohol with sweet things.

6. Watermelon Basil Beer Cocktail

This is a very refreshing and an energetic cocktail which can totally relieve the stress with the freshness of watermelon. And of course, when the beer is their then it takes to cocktail to a whole new level. 

7. Strawberry & Peach Beer

We are sure all the girls are going to love this one! It is a perfect blend of strawberries, peach, lemon, white rum and add beer on the top to get that extra kick. A sweet yet potent cocktail, which will totally get you drunk so quickly that you won’t even realise. 

8. Ultimate Beer

Well, this is not the regular beer which we usually have. It is one the fruitiest beer.  A goodness of orange and litchi with a hint of strawberry crush and lots of beer. We know you are going to love this one for sure.


9. Knockout Beer

 This is one of the booziest cocktails ever which is made from a combination of three different alcohols. It has a perfect flavour of grapes and berries which is strong yet amazing.  Do try this out!

10. Gin And Lime Beer

This classic gin and lime drink which is topped with beer is the perfect refreshing drink which you need to try at the #NoFilter this Friday. 

Head over to #NoFilter and get drunk on super cheap shots and cocktails this Friday!

Head to C-18, S.D.A. Market, Opp. IIT Gate

Say hello at 011 4130 6714

Date 13th October, Friday

Explore #NoFilter

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