Al Bake’s Shwarmas Are No Longer The Best In The City & Here Are 4 Solid Reasons Why!

Shawarmas At Al-Bake In New Friends Colony

Shawarmas happen to be one of the most crave-inducing dishes available in Delhi. If you are a meat-lover hailing from South Delhi, you must be acquainted with the hype that revolves around Shawarmas at Al-bake in New Friends Colony. Al-Bake’s shwarmas are known to be the most succulent and well spiced out of the lot in Delhi.

Shawarmas At Al-Bake In New Friends Colony

I know, all of us love Al-bake, and people travel miles to get a taste of their bestseller. But you know what happens when you start frequenting Al-bake? You notice a glitch (or should I say glitches). There is nothing special about Albake, apart from their shwarmas and that too because they have the first-movers advantage. They have established themselves as the sole servers of authentic shwarmas. However, that’s not the case and can now be contested by several other food outlets. There are so many reasons have compelled me to dislike Al-bake.

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1. Inconsistency In Taste

Every time I visit the restaurant, my palate encounters a different taste. There is usually no consistency in how your rolls will taste on that day. It’s always a gamble. Some days they will put a good amount of mayo in your rolls and some days they will just forget about it. Sometimes they even serve it cold. So much for service. But, let’s cut them some slack right? Well that’s what we have done so far.

2. Mayo Misers!


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This is the part which gets me fuming every time. Whether you purchase a box of two shawarma rolls or a box of five, you are going to get only one packet of mayo. I mean seriously! They will charge you an extra 10 bucks per packet of extra mayo. Aren’t you already charging enough for the shawarma rolls?

3. Tax On Payment By Card


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So this part is what comes as a shock. The country is moving towards becoming a cashless economy, but Al-Bake will charge you about 5% extra tax on top of the total bill, if you choose to pay by card. This is not just annoying, this is behaviour which would piss off just any person. If you have to add tax, then do it before we opt for a payment option, not later!

4. Hygiene, what’s that?


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I could ignore the basic hygiene factor if they weren’t so arrogant. But after paying a decent amount of money plus INR 10 for mayo + taxes + extra taxes for payment by card, I have to think about what I am really paying for! The place is huddled in a small block in New Friends Colony. There is another outlet which is more spacious and is adjacent to this block, but their menu is different. The Al-bake we know, has barely anything above the usual on their menu. If you decide to sit and eat there, then you should prepare yourself to be tormented by flies and street dogs who would happily chew away the bones from your biryani.

So dear Al-bake, I know you have been standing tall for the longest time. Treating your customers with utmost disdain. But no more! You have to mend your ways, because trust me there are better options out there.

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