Remembering Shashi Kapoor: The Loved Actor & The Lover Of Junglee Gosht

Shashi Kapoor's favourite food

Shashi Kapoor, actor extraordinaire and a pillar of one of alternative cinema, passed away on the 4th of December 2017. He was a beloved actor, filmmaker and a generous promoter of theatre. His work with Merchant Ivory films was pivotal in breaking the alternative films barrier. And like all members of the Kapoor clan, he lived a life that was full of food. As the world remember his full life and body of work, we take a closer look at Shashi Kapoor’s favourite food.

Food In The Kapoor Khandaan

Love for great food flows in the veins of the illustrious Bollywood family as do all things films. It is said that even the grand patriarch of Bollywood, Prithviraj Kapoor was a tremendous foodie. The late actress Nadira, who acted in a couple of films with him said, ‘Being a Peshawari, his idea of eating was wringing a neck, breaking a chicken. If he were on a diet, he would eat what the doctor ordered. Once he had gobbled it down, he would look around and say: “I have had the diet food, now let me eat some real food.”’

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The Kapoor Table

And this love for food travelled down to his children as well. While Shashi inherited his dad’s appetite and love for food, after his marriage to Jennifer Kendal, he diet was transformed. The raw appetite was replaced with a more tempered and eclectic taste. Under Jennifer’s careful watch all the excessive ghee and oil flew out of the window. As time went on, they loved experimenting with food and trying new and interesting cuisines. In this household, breakfast was incredibly important. Jennifer laid down the rule that the entire family had to assemble round the dining table for the first meal of the day, no matter how late they may have partied together. It was the only time the family was together.

One of the specialities of the Kapoor clan was Junglee Gosht. It was a mutton dish with copious amounts of ghee, salt and mirchi, prepared first by Raj Kapoor’s cook. It was named so because back in the day when people went on shikar they could carry only so many ingredients. Of course this ghee laden dish was mostly served in the Kapoor household when Jennifer was away. And there were other food related traditions as well. Every year, the entire Kapoor family would meet at Shashi Kapoor’s home for a traditional Christmas lunch followed by High Tea. The annual lunch would feature traditional Christmas roasts and the Kapoors’ favourite Mughlai dishes as well.

Photo Courtesy Of: Shashi Kapoor Lovers/Facebook

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