Chef Veena’s Famous Winter Menu At The Spice Route Is Wonderfully Fishy

Spice Route

The Imperial is quite intimidating when you first observe it and it steadily gets grander and more awe-inspiring as you walk through the foyer and the various corridors. But one thing that remains as calming and welcoming as ever is Chef Veena Arora’s presence at The Spice Route.

In A Nutshell

The famous winter menu curated and constructed by Chef Veena is back at the Spice route and will be on till about the end of Jan. And we just can’t stop gushing about the sea voyage that this was. Those who love fish, prawns and anything fishy, they will absolutely get hooked on to this menu.

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Perfect Spot


We sat indoors, but during the day, we recommend you pick a spot need the water cascade n. Romance and history galore, the walls have olden murals that are reminiscent of the Orient.

Raise A Toast To

We didn’t really concentrate on the drinking bit of it really, since this menu is a wonder to go through, but we can definitely recommend some green tea to wash down the flavours and cleanse your palate.

On The Silver Platter

Well, this gastronomic orgy is going to transport you to seventh heaven but we recommend you try these delicacies to get a well-rounded taste of the menu. The Yera Arvat Anjj (stir fried prawns with chillies and Kerala spices) is quite like a spicy chilli chicken preparation but we loved the hint of South India. The jumbo prawns are of superior quality and in fact, the sea food is cleaned, de-veined and exemplary when it comes to quality. The Yum Thalay (prawn salad in a tom yum paste) similarly was flavourful with the lemon grass and kaffir leaves adding that pungency.


The Meen Rassam is a happy detour from the Asian flavours giving you a bite of Kerala spices and warmth like no other. Getting to the main, the Kadugu Meen Masala reminded us of spicy pickled sole, and is a wonderful mix of mustard paste and bishop’s weed with cilantro leaves. If you want to stick to a batch of jasmine rice, then the Rendang Udang is good choice. This Malay-style prawn will blow your minds as well as tastebuds with the coconut-y aftertaste.

For dessert, the coconut and cinnamon bean curd ice cream are winners.

Bitter Pill

The Phad Khing Pla was quite like a regular soy-based fish dish and we’d rather you shell out on the good stuff from this menu.

Food For Thought

All in all, this is a winter menu that we would love to go and spend our money on. Take some great company along and introduce your friends to some absolutely amazing fishy business at The Spice Route this winter.

Explore The Spice Route here.

Photos Courtesy Of: The Spice Route

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