The Famous Sanjeev Kapoor Moustache Needs To Make a Comeback & Here’s Why

Sanjeev Kapoor Khana Khazaana

There’s a saying in my mother’s hometown – mooch nahi toh kuch nahi. And while it might not be universally true, it does apply to one of the greatest food personalities the country has ever seen – Sanjeev Kapoor. He burst onto our television sets way back in 1992 with the famous TV show Khana Khazaana and changed the landscape of Indian food and TV forever. At the peak of its popularity, Khana Khazaana was playing on television screens across India and almost every Indian home would tune into Zee TV to watch what Sanjeev Kapoor would whip up this time. He became a celebrity, as did his moustache. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazaana and his recipe books were icons back in the good old days. And his moustache was like a favourable sidekick, in some ways even more important than the great chef himself. This is an ode to Sanjeev Kapoor’s moustache. We miss you, friend. 

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Moustache – A Forgotten Hero 

Those who were born into the age of the fidget spinner wouldn’t know how popular and universally liked Sanjeev Kapoor is. To put it into perspective, if he ran for PM under a Congress ticket, he’d win. His face was all over every living room and with it was the reassuring moustache.


He was the Oprah of India with an army of  home cooks hanging on to every word he said.


Even my all-vegetarian mum would tune in and when I asked her what she would do with a Goan prawn recipe, she’d reply “I’ll just make it with paneer.” He was the ideal man. He was reassuring, calm, had a sense of humour, a great smile and could cook like a dream. And at least some, if not all of qualities, can be attributed to his awesome moustache. 

A moustache lends credibility. In fact the government of Madhya Pradesh provides a stipend to all its policemen that keep a moustache. They feel that the officers with a moustache may be more responsible, work better with the community and even command more respect. And if the Madhya Pradesh government thinks so, who are we to argue? They’re literally putting their money where their mouth is! So is the case with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. His moustache lends credibility, is incredibly reassuring, and helps his smile look even better.


And I’ll go a step further to say that his moustache gave him the confidence and charisma that propelled his great career. 


But much more than all of this, is the fact that we miss it.  Sanjeev Kapoor’s upper lip without the moustache feels wrong. It feels like something is missing, like when you have atta Maggi. It’s still Maggi, and yet it’s not the same. And before you know it, you’re crying over a bowl of sub-standard Maggi. Sanjeev Kapoor’s smile, his aura, even his voice seems slightly different, without the moustache. And I know for sure that millions of Indian women will breathe easy if only Chef Sanjeev Kapoor grew his moustache back.

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