Be Safe: Food Precautions That You Need To Take Against Bird Flu

Bird Flu

Bird flu might be back, and we’re taking no chances. Just in case it is back, there are some things that you could do, which would keep you sufficiently safe. Of course, this disease also airborne, so make sure you’re not visiting the chicken coop or the zoo anytime soon. 😛

On the other hand, here is the stuff you can do in the meantime, as recommended by WHO.

Wash Your Hands

Frequent hand washing and use of sanitiser can substantially reduce your chances of catching the flu. And its an absolutely mandatory precaution if you’re coming in contact with poultry of any kind.

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Keep Your Immune System Happy

Eat, sleep, exercise and rest a lot to keep your body healthy and happy. A strong body can resist germs and therefore, the flu also.


Its best to keep raw meats away from cooked meals during this time. For example, using the same knife for raw meat and cooked food are a total no-no. Or don’t put back cooked food on the same plate where raw meat was placed.

Cook Well


All your meats and eggs should be coked well. Try not to keep the eggs runny and make sure you are cooking your meats at at least 70 degrees Celsius (158 degree Fahrenheit). Raw or soft-boiled eggs might carry the influenza virus. None of your meat should be pink, for you to be in the pink of health.

Wash Utensils

All your utensils and surfaces, where meat was placed, should be washed spanking clean with soap and water.


When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth/nose or use a handkerchief, which you throw away. Hand washing is also super important in this case.


And lastly, in case you feel like you’re coming down with something or have fever-like symptoms, go see a doctor without delay. And its always better to take precautions than to cure.

Stay safe and take care!

Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

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