Restaurant Week Is Back! And Here’s What On Our List

Restaurant week is back yet again and we are just as excited as we were the first time around! This elite celebration of food manages to intrigue us annually every year with new introductions of fine dining restaurants. Check out our list of restaurants you must visit this season!

First Things First 

This three-course prix fixe menu showcases the restaurant’s food philosophy and encourages the diners to experiment with more unfamiliar dishes. Available at fraction of a la carte prices, it is held across Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Bookings are open for all Ola Prime members and general reversions go live on 12 September.

Dum Pukht 

First on our list and first to run out of reservations usually is Dum Pukht. This iconic restaurant recreates the culinary legacy of Awadh nawabs. Bearing marks of authenticity, they offer a journey that is magnificently experienced through aromas, textures and flavours. They offer you a feast!

Olive Bar and Kitchen

This alfresco, standalone restaurant has been dazzling the city for a long time. Serving a medley of European, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines, they have some Instagram-worthy dishes on the menu this year.

Chi Ni

Chi Ni, The Roseate represents Chinese cuisine cooked from the heart. Inspired by Kai Mayfair, it is run by Chef Ban who incorporates authentic Chinese flavours with modern presentation, leaving you enchanted!

DIVA – The Italian Restaurant

DIVA by Ritu Dalmia needs no introduction. Bringing honest-to-goodness Italian cuisine to Delhi, this restaurant is often considered a pioneer in Italian food. The fine-dine extension of the DIVA franchise, this restaurant is special in every way possible! We hope you’ll also find your way to their excellent wine selections.

Tian – Asian Cuisine Studio 

ITC Maurya’s Tian-Asian Cuisine Studio, is the pinnacle of innovative cuisine in the city. They offer an exemplary experience by stimulating your senses through unique flavours and jaw-dropping presentation!

Explore the full list here.

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