There’s A Human Meat Restaurant In Japan & We’re Grossed Out

restaurant serving human meat

A restaurant recently opened up that legally serves human meat. We can be assured that it is not in India, so you won’t see more people making a ruckus out in the streets. This one of a kind restaurant has opened in Tokyo since it is legal to serve human meat since 2014. The restaurant serving human flesh in Japan is called Resu ototo no shokuryohin, which roughly translated to Edible Brother.

There Is No Such Restaurant Serving Human Flesh, You Guys!

Apparently, this was a news that was picked up by several dailies and it wasn’t even true. It was just a piece of entertainment news from a Spanish satirical newspaper that came out sometime last year. The piece also stated that one could sell their body for consumption purposes for about 30,000 Euros and that only people who’re going to die young can sign up for it. The money would then be transferred to their families since that is the natural process of things. Japan’s legislation does not allow cannibalism, but there are about eight places in the world that practice cannibalism. Whether cannibalism should be legal or not is a debate that has no conclusion. 

So, now that the air has been cleared of any doubt on whether a restaurant serving human meat exists, we can rest without having to worry about cannibals and nightmares about being served our neighbours head on a platter, no matter how annoying they may be. 

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