Family-Size Pizzas At Rs 190 ONLY? This New Place In Ghaziabad Is Making Huge-Ass Pizzas

Red Pepper Pizza in Ghaziabad

Let’s just agree that the existence of pizza makes our lives whole, and not just because of its shape. Few dishes beat the charm of a slice of ‘za, covered in stretchy cheese and all the toppings that you love. Red Pepper Pizza in Ghaziabad is bringing all of this in jumbo size pizzas that take at least three to finish in one go!

First Things First

Red Pepper Pizza is this new delivery only place in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. They’re making amazing pizzas that are so heavy, that it takes at least three people to finish the whole thing. It’s super cheesy and super delish. The only downside is that they only make vegetarian pizzas. But, on the upside, even their regular pizzas are heavy enough for one person.

Now, we know that large pizzas are meant to be shared by many. But more often than not, you end up wanting to get a second pizza or sides like garlic bread so that you end your meal feeling full. With their large pizza, just two slices are enough to make you feel like you’ve scarfed down a whole pizza by yourself. It’s THAT heavy!

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What’s More?

We’ve tried almost everything on their pizza menu, and they also make garlic bread, cheese bombs, burgers, and shakes. We love the Grill Royal Pizza, and The Red Pepper Pizza that has two layers of extra cheese. They’re so delicious, you’ll want to order every other day. Which, obviously, may cause you to overdose on cheese very soon. Like that’s a problem, amirite?

Also, they always have these amazing deals running, and it really is the most economical pizza place that we know of. They’re not adding taxes to the prices mentioned on the menu, but they do charge Rs 30 for home delivery.

Head to Shop 13, Mart Mall, Sector 4B, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

Say hello at 084477 21424

Pay INR 250 for two

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Representative Photo Courtesy Of: Pexels

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