Baba Ramdev’s QSR Restaurant Is Coming To Compete With KFC, Subway & McDonald’s

Ramdev's Fast Food Restaurant

Planning to compete with the likes of  multinational fast food chains like KFC, McDonald’s and Subway, Baba Ramdev is cooking up a storm with his plans of launching a vegetarian QSR. Ramdev told TOI that since vegetarianism is taking the world by the storm, he is working on a quick service restaurant (QSR) chain across India. Ramdev’s Fast Food Restaurant will be plating up around 400 recipes.

A Restaurant To Compete With KFC?

“We will not divide our menu into North Indian and South Indian,” Ramdev told TOI. And that they will “give people choice because there is nothing tastier and healthier than vegetarian Indian food.” He believes that when they get these recipes together, “all these multinationals serving chicken or mutton will have a hard time countering us,” according to TOI.

The TOI reported that almost 60-70% of all fast food sold in India (even burgers, or tacos and pizzas) happen to be vegetarian. We at EatTreat also see great response to the likes of Soya Chaap and vegetarian pizzas. A QSR giving rein to Indian palates suited to a vegetarian crowd, will see interesting response.

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Ramdev’s Fast Food Restaurant Goes International?

“I have travelled to many countries and vegetarianism is catching on like wildfire,” he told TOI. “People stand in queues to get access to vegetarian food…We will become the largest home-grown FMCG player in the next one year.” 

It is also reported that the Haridwar-based FMCG player has recorded INR 10,561 crore in revenue for 2016-17 with most of its products, including ghee and toothpaste. The healthy angle works well enough for the company to double its revenues year-on-year. 

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