Rahul Gandhi Says Gujarati Food Is Making Him Fat, Can We LOL Now?

Rahul Gandhi Eats Gujarati Food

We all know Rahul Gandhi has a lot to say. Regardless of where he is, he leaves us with something to chew on. This time we realised that Rahul Gandhi eats Gujarati food. The Congress vice-president, who has been leading the party campaign in Gujarat ahead of the crucial assembly elections this month, made a ‘complaint’ about the state. 

What Mr. Gandhi Had To Say

Rahul today said at a rally in Kutch, that the Gujarati food has been making him fat. He also said that his kitchen is filled with Gujarati delicacies. Maybe that’s the answer Mr. Gandhi? He said and we quote, “Yesterday, my sister came to my house. She noted that every food item in my kitchen is Gujarati – Khakra Gujarati, Achaar Gujarati, Moongphali Gujarati. You all have spoilt me, I am gaining weight now.”

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Things Got Political, Obviously


Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Rahul also kept up his attack on Narendra Modi saying that instead of focusing on development in Gujarat, the Prime Minister is paying more attention to the Congress. Maybe that’s why Gujarati food is taking a toll. During Rahul’s last visit to the state, a major controversy broke out over his visit to the Somnath temple, as the BJP questioned his faith. Weird, right? The Congress hit back and accused the BJP of playing “dirty politics” and maintained he was a “devout Hindu”. 

The Congress on Monday issued its poll manifesto for the assembly polls, promising debt waiver for state farmers and an assurance on reservation for the Patidars.

Read the full story on India Today.

 Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons & Global Panorama via Flickr

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