350 Types Of Egg Dishes At This Hidden Spot In Keshavpuram & The Ultimate Spot For Thick, Stuffed Omelettes!

rahul eggs in keshavpuram

Breakfast is synonymous with egg dishes. No, scratch that, eggs are synonymous with breakfast. You could have them boiled, fried, sunny side up, poached, scrambled, or added to french toasts and waffles. But, that’s usually as far as our imagination would take us. There’s this place called Rahul Eggs in Keshavpuram that makes 350 preparations of eggs at all times except for breakfast!

Rahul Eggs In Keshavpuram

rahul eggs in keshavpuram

Photo Courtesy Of: Rahul Eggs/Zomato

They’ve divided their menu into a few different sections according to the type of omelette preparation. You can get some 35 different types of Monako omelettes, with some very intriguing dish names such as Black Star Monako Omelette, and Brinjal Moneko Special. Then they have Jalandhari omelettes, 60 types of non-vegetarian omelettes; fat-free, ‘French’, Chinese, Tandoori, Omelette Dosas, and Afghani. They even make other egg preparations, for example – half fried, boiled, and with vegetables or just with onions.


Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

You could have these omelettes as is or with some garlic bread, which, obviously has a bunch of different varieties too. It’s tough to pick one omelette out of the hundreds that they have, and we won’t blame you for wanting to take your time deciding. However, the popular ones here are the DJ Chicken, Kebab Jalandhari, Special Tandoori Jalandhari, Mushroom Cheese Omelette, Chinese Korma Omelette, and Pasta Dosa to name a few.

The seating is limited but the service is quick. You can get the food delivered to you if your car is parked outside, or you could just take the disposable plates out if you’re here with a large group and feel cramped.

Head to B-4/300-A, Near Keshav Puram Metro Station, Gate No.1, Near Lawrence Road, New Delhi

Say hello at +91 9899830062, +91 9716412312

Pay INR 400 per head (approx.)

Timings 1 pm – 10 pm

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Rahul Eggs/Zomato

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