Mamagoto Will Turn Papagoto On This Father’s Day & Serve Free Beer & Cutesy Merch!

Papagoto On Father's Day

Fathers have always been with us through our thick and thin. They’ve never whined about their perpetual struggles and instead, have catered to all our whims and fancies without a hitch. No matter where we are, one thing we know for sure is that we always have our father’s back. Right? And so, to celebrate the Ironman of our life, the Asian fusion restaurant, Mamagoto is all geared up to help you in making your daddy feel special. Wondering how? Papagoto on Father’s Day!

Papagoto On Father’s Day! Wut?

Channelling the importance of fathers in our lives, Mamagoto is set to rename all their outlets. On 18th June, Sunday, all Mamagoto haunts will be turned into Papagoto. How cool is that? If you take your father here, he’ll definitely feel like the proud father that he is. However, if the change in the name doesn’t entice you enough to take your daddy here, then this certainly will. The restaurant will be dishing out really meaningful merchandise along with free beer and discounts. Think of pretty mugs, coasters, pens and everything that your father needs in his day to day life and Papagoto will gift you that. 

Also, Mamagoto and EatTreat got together to talk about how dads from two different generations are actually similar. Check it out!

Your daddy has been taking care of all your needs and has been giving you his unflinching attention. This father’s day, it’s your turn to take him to a hearty luncheon or dinner and make him feel extremely special. 

Head to Mamagoto

Say hello at +91 11 46546060, +91 11 46545160, 01141009060

Pay INR 1,600 for two people (approx)

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Featured Image Courtesy Of: Mamagoto

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