Sevilla Is Doing A Whole Range Of Organic Wines At The Claridges Restaurant

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Located in central Delhi, the flagship hotel of The Claridges restaurant is well-known for a certain old world charm, combined with the ethos of modern luxury and Indian hospitality. The hotel has been a pioneer in the hospitality sector with Sevilla, their fine-dining restaurant that serves Mediterranean and European fare—one of the most awarded restaurants in the city.

First Things First

Keeping with their long-standing reputation of bringing the best, Sevilla has collaborated with wineries from across France to introduce four organic wines to their menu. These wines have been sustainably produced, and mindfully handpicked, and are sourced from small family-owned estates that have established ties to The Claridges.

All the four varieties of the organic wines are from regions across France, where winemaking is a way of life and comes from a deep passion that has been handed down through the generations. The Loire Valley’s history of winemaking dates back to the 1st century, and archaeological evidence suggests that the Romans planted the first vineyard there. The wines from this region tend to be fruity with fresh, crisp flavours, especially in their youth.

These organic wines not only have the regular health benefits that everyone is aware of, but they’re also free of chemicals—which also means that the air, water, and soil are not affected adversely.

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What’s More?


The four wines that are to be served at the Claridges restaurant range from having floral, or fruity notes, to smoky and spicy full-bodied ones. Here are the ones that they’ve included-

La Mariole – Xavier Ledogar, Languedoc

The breathtaking landscape of the Languedoc in the Loire Valley is home to an amazing diversity of indigenous terroirs. La Mariole is produced from Carignan vines that are over a century old. The result is elegant and precise with a character that unfolds gradually. Made with the fruit from centennial vines, this wine shows the finesse of an old-vine Carignan. Complexity, discretion, mystery are whispered through spice and smoke.

Price: Rs. 1,105 by the glass/Rs. 5,495 by the bottle.

Numéro 6 – Domaine Des Potheirs, Côte Roannaise

In this estate that is nestled in the lesser-known appellation bordering Beaujolais and Rhône, Gamay is the prevailing grape variety. The granitic soils allow for a warmer, stronger expression of the varietal that holds up well to the heartiest of dishes. The undertones are fresh with red fruit and the soft tannins lend to the silky smooth texture.

Price: Rs. 1,105 by the glass /Rs. 5,495 by the bottle

Haute Côt(e) De Fruit – Fabien Jouves, Cahors

A red wine that shimmers with bright fruit, the name of this wine made with Malbec, is a pun on the Burgundy appellation system. This full-bodied wine is an explosion of black fruits, cinnamon, and incense. Through this wine, the winemaker hopes for Indian consumers to appreciate authentic Malbec, created in its birthplace, and experience its versatility.
Price: Rs. 1,105 by the glass /Rs. 5,495 by the bottle

Je T’aime Mais J’ai Soif – Vincent Caillé, Muscadet

The name of this wine translates to “I love you, but I’m thirsty” and this is a thirst-quencher if ever there was one. It is best paired with seafood and has floral, mineral, and crystalline notes.
Price: Rs. 1,005 by the glass /Rs. 4,995 by the bottle

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Photos Courtesy Of: Sevilla, The Claridges Restaurant

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