Obama Thinks Rotis Are Difficult To Make But Dal Is Easy!

Obama Makes Dal

Former US President Barack Obama was in town for a town hall organised by the Obama Foundation to “expand the conversation about what it means to be an active citizen and make an impact.” He apparently spoke about how life has been in the past year, since demitting office. We found out that Obama makes Dal but finds rotis difficult to make!

Obama Knows How To Make Dal

Barack Obama said that he finds it too difficult to make chapatis. He says he finds it tough to get it round and flaky–something that even we struggle to do, to this day. He also recounted an incident from the previous night where he said that he was being served dal the previous night at the restaurant that he was dining at, and the wait staff began to tell him what it was. Obama then told him that he needed no introduction to it since he knew what dal was. He feels that he is probably the first US President to have the recipe of dal. 

Apparently, he had learnt how to make dal from an Indian roommate when he was in college and has perfected the art ever since. He says that his, “Keema is good, and chicken is OK.”

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