Virat Kohli Opens South American Restaurant Nueva In Delhi With Celebrity Chef Michael Swamy

Nueva restaurant In Delhi

Taking the Spanish route around the world, the menu at Nueva restaurant in Delhi is highly influenced by South American cuisine, and is just as dependable as Indian skipper Virat Kohli. You can scout out Peruvian, Argentinian and Brazilian flavours. Virat Kohli happens to be one in the many line of cricketers who have opened their own restaurants and this place also has some fabulously different flavours to try. If you want to try something different, this is what you should be ordering. 

In A Nutshell

One of the more decor oriented spots in town, it was truly a grand affair from the moment we walked in. They have two floors, complete with a private dining space that patrons can book for birthdays, anniversaries and their celebratory parties. Coming down from Mumbai, Celebrity Chef Michael Swamy’s newest endeavour in Delhi promises to be a lesson in fine dining for those frequenting the likes of five-star hotels and restaurants. 

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Perfect Spot

Tapas _Artichoke hearts 2

We took to a spot right opposite the kitchen, which you can look into to see all the wondrous French technique taking shape and dishes coming to fruition. The seats are extremely comfortable and the art oriented viewpoint can be seen in the menus and table accessories at the restaurant in Sangam Courtyard, RK Puram. 

Raise A Glass To

We had sips of their various non-alcoholic tipples because they haven’t received their license yet but they are poised to take on the baton April onwards. The Pure Verde is perfect for those who like their drinks refreshing and maybe even, healthy. Kiwi and cucumber make an exceptional drink. 

The Todo Fresco is emblematic of all the tropical feels. Think, pineapple, a dash of sweet juice and a wonderful slug of vacation wanderlust and you have yourself this drink. 

On The Silver Platter

nueva in delhi

Start off with the Shrimp Ceviche, which comes in a spicy tumble of Amarillo chillies and this will start you off on an adventure to the South American heritage. This might feel a bit undercooked, but we can tell that sashimi lovers will definitely dig this. Try the Duck Ham & Cheese as well as the Marinated Artichoke Hearts as appetisers and they will tease you into the next course. The vegetable ceviche which comes with baby carrots and water chestnuts are perfect for vegetarians who want to experiment. 

We had a gala time guessing the flavours of the Sky salad which had apple chips, pear bits and a tea sauce. The fermented green tea leaves in the salad were also a piquant flavour that we will go back for. 

Mains _Grilled Prawns with Corainder_Sambal

The mains are very heavy, so definitely make sure you keep space for these. The Grilled Prawns in  Coriander Sambal is a South Eastern flavour that we relished in the midst of the meal. The Grilled Tofu with Chimichurri Vegetables is honestly something that a vegetarian would enjoy because there is much too much on the menu for a meat-lover to really discover. For instance, the Pan Seared Duch Confit with the Pear Sauce

fbDesserts Panacotta -0005

The dessert was perfectly done: A Yogurt Coconut Panacotta, but we are also super interested in trying the Cinnamon Tiramisu and The Paintbox

Bitter Pill

Honestly, there isn’t much to crib about when to it comes to this brand new place, our only concern would be the lack of alcohol and that might deject some patrons. 

Food For Thought

Pricing is just right for a place so shiny new. One would expect to be paying through the nose at a fine dining like this, but the prices are more casual dining experience all in all. So when are you heading here?

Head To Ground Floor, Sangam Complex, R K Puram 
Say Hello  +91 9266668382, 011 65568382
Pay   INR 2,500 for two
Explore  Nueva



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