Spicy Momos, Thukpa & Raja Mircha Chutney Are Coming To This 2-Day North-East Festival At India Gate

North East Festival At India Gate

Who’s ready to try some mouth watering North-Eastern food? A two-day event is happening in Delhi to celebrate North-East India and make us familiar with their culture. North East festival at India Gate will be promoting many artists, designers and entrepreneurs.

North-East Calling?

The event North-East Calling has been planned by the Narendra Modi government in partnership with the Ministro of Development of North Eastern Region. It is taking place in an attempt to bridge the gap that still exists between the people of North-East India and the rest of the country even though it’s been over 70 years since India became a free nation. This has been planned after a series of racially charged incidents took place in different parts of the country and is meant to clear any perception of hostility towards the people who hail from the region.  

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Why Is North East Calling?

North East Festival At India Gate

Delhi is all set to present North-East India with its richness in art, cultural diversity and various other aspects of the region like music; and how can we forget food? We’re all excited to try some of our favourite Assamese and Naga dishes like the fish chutney, thukpa, some smoked pork dishes, homemade sausages, shaptak and shabalay with tingmo bread, and more. Also, you can stock up on products like the Raja Mircha, dried beef, pickles and chutneys among other dishes. Don’t forget the wines—this food is incomplete without its delicious wines of Sikkim.

What’s More?

Not just food items, you can also feast your eyes on cosmetics, jewellery, and apparels that the festival is showcasing. They’ve even planned for dance performances and an overall colourful and unforgettable festival.

Dates 9th & 10th September

Head to Rajpath Marg, India Gate, New Delhi                   

Entry Free of charge

Explore North East Calling

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