Spicy Mutton Ghugni In CR Park Is The Foodgasm You Need Right Before Durga Pujas!

Mutton Ghugni in CR Park

Ghugni is a Bengali dish which is a curry made of chickpeas with onions, turmeric, garam masala and chillies. And for the meat lovers they also have Mutton Ghugni. It is a common dish which is made at every Bengali’s home. But if you are looking for the same flavour to snack on then we have a hidden gem for Mutton Ghugni in CR Park which will totally do justice to the ones Bengali mother cook. 

Mutton Ghugni In CR Park


Photo Courtesy Of: Shivangi Verma

Mutton Ghugni. Only a true Bengali can come up with an idea like this, in which you put small pieces of mutton or mince in a simple veg curry made of chickpeas. And trust us, it actually does tastes delicious with a squeeze of tamarind and coconut bits. This man has been selling Mutton Ghugni in CR Park for almost ten years now and has been treating every hungry foody with its delicious ghugni which is only for Rs 20 and the non-vegetarian one is for Rs 30.  The owner serves the hot and spicy ghugni in a patta in which he garnishes it with sev and onions. The mutton is tender and cooked well with the right amount flavour and spices. 

So, whenever you pass by Chittaranjan Park market and are looking for some budgeted snack then mutton ghugni comes handy which is light and altogether a different form of chickpeas never had before. 

PS: This place serves some hot and steamy momos as well. 

Head to Chittaranjan Park Market 1 Backside

Pay INR 30 per plate (approx)

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Shivangi Verma

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