13 Hardcore Mutton Dishes In India That HAVE To Be On A Meat-Eater’s Bucket List

Mutton Dishes In India

Different states have their own takes at preparing the most delicious mutton dishes one can lay hands on. These mutton dishes in India will leave your taste buds wanting for more.

1. Mutton Xacuti (Goa)

Xacuti is Goan curry which is prepared using white poppy seeds, sliced or grated coconut and a heavy mix of dried red chilies. It is a dish that was brought to Goa by the Portuguese.  Head over to Lady Baga to have this amazing Goan delight.

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2. Mutton Chettinad Kozhambu (Tamil Nadu)

Chettinad cuisine is the native to the Nuttkotai Chettiar community of Tamil Nadu. A variety of spices are used and the preparations are done with freshly ground masalas. Visit Whistling Spices to experience this mind-numbing cuisine.

Pay INR 500++

3. Mutton Rara (Himachal Pradesh)

A concoction by the people of Himachal, it is a dish prepared using 2 varieties of meat, minced and a chopped up mutton leg. It is served best with Tandoori Rotis. The best place to enjoy this is Gulati

Pay INR 635++

4. Nihari (Uttar Pradesh)

It is a dish that is only available in the mornings. It’s prepared overnight, sometimes by even burying it underground. This results in an extremely tender meat with flavours creeping into the bone marrow. Karim’s is the best to visit if you want to enjoy this morning deliciousness. 

Pay INR 275++

5. Mutton Curry (Andhra Pradesh)

As it hails from Andhra Pradesh, it has tendencies of being one of the spiciest dishes on this list. Enough said. Head to Andhra Bhavan Canteen to have your spice buds reach new levels. 

Pay INR  140++

6. Mutton Saaru (Karnataka)

It really wouldn’t be a Kannada dish if it didn’t have influences of coconut in it. The preparation has a lot of spices in it and for a change, a tinge of lemon to give things a twist. It’s served best with hot steaming rice.

7. Kohlapuri Mutton (Maharashtra)

Mentioning Kohlapur in the name and expecting a bland dish. One can never be so wrong. Kohlapuris are known for some of the most of spiciest dishes in the country and this one is no exception at all! You might just die after eating a plate, well figuratively. Maharashtra Sadan has one of the most authentic takes to this dish this side of the country.

Pay INR 250++

8. Lal Maas (Rajasthan)

Translating the name to English means ‘Red Meat’. But the redness of this dish is achieved by adding hordes of spices. It could very well be the spiciest dish here. It’s prepared in a sauce of curd and red chillies. Oh crap! Head over to Gulati Spice Market to give your taste buds a run for their spicy money.

Pay INR 750++

9. Mangshor Jhol (West Bengal)

Jhol is a thin stew which is very mildly spiced. Mangshor (Mutton) is marinated in mustard oil, giving it a very Bengali aroma to it. Head to Oh! Calcutta and ask for their awesome Classical Railway Mutton Curry.

Pay INR 565++

10. Mutton Roast (Kerala)

In the variant of mutton, it is cooked with freshly ground spices and sauteed with onions and coconut slices. All this is done while roasting the concoctions slowly to attain a dark brown colour giving it a rich aroma. It is best paired with some authentic red rice. Give the pleasure to Mahabelly to fulfil your roasted desires. 

Pay INR 360++

11. Rogan Josh (Jammu & Kashmir)

One of the most famous mutton dishes of the country. It is a staple of the Kashmiri five-course meal, Wazwan. Its a simple recipe created using browned onions, yogurt, garlic, ginger and aromatic spices. Well, you’ll have to visit Karim’s again, this time in the evening to enjoy this to the fullest. 

Pay INR 320++

12. Bhopali Gosht Korma (Madhya Pradesh)

It’s one of the recipes that originated from the kitchens of Bhopali Nawaabs. It is prepped soaking chunks of meat in a rich and spicy gravy with a whole lot of spices.

13. Raja Mircha Mutton (Nagaland)

One of the fieriest mutton dishes in India served with rice and big dollops of mirchi chutney. We love the one served at the Nagaland stall, in Dilli Haat. Head out!

Feature Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay

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