A Spicy Mutton Biryani For That Celebratory Birthday Or Anniversary Dinner

mutton biryani recipe

Call out mutton biryani and you are practically tugging at our heartstrings. This mutton biryani recipe for a truly decadent biryani is the least healthy but the most hearty thing, and we hope you’ll give it a shot. Chef Raminder Bakshi is doing us a good one and sending over this amazingly sumptuous mutton biryani recipe. You can also try the chef’s Lahori Tikka.


For Making Lamb Masala

1 kg lamb shank

200 gm onion slice

200 gm yogurt whipped

50 ml cream

100 gm green chili slit

50 gm ginger garlic paste

50 gm coriander chopped

40 gm mint fresh cleaned

30 gm ginger julienne

30 gm kashmiri red chili powder

30 gm yellow chili powder

25 gm coriander powder

20 gm cumin powder

10 gm cardamom and mace powder

5 gm garam masala

100 gm corn oil

2 gm sahi jeera

3 gm cumin seed

3 gm cardamom green

1 gm bay leaves

2 gm black cardamom

1 gm cinnamon stick

2 gm cloves

Salt to taste

For The Rice

1.2 kg basmathi rice

80 ml corn oil

1 gm bay leaves

1 gm green cardamom

1 gm mace (nut meg flower)

salt as required

Water for boiling

Finishing & Garnishing

2 gm saffron

50 gm clarified butter

100 ml rice water

boiled rice

10 gm mace and cardamom powder

roasted cashew nut

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For Making Lamb Masala:

Heat oil, add the whole spices, let it crackle and then add the sliced onion. Cook it for 5 minutes. Then add the ginger garlic paste and add the lamb with salt. Cook it for 15 minutes and then add the powder spices. Add the tomato and yogurt, bring it to boil and then add the coriander, mint, green chili and ginger julienne. Cook the lamb till it gets done and check seasoning. Keep aside

For The Rice:

Boil the water with all the ingredients, which is mentioned in the recipe. Wash and soak the rice for at least 20 minutes. by this time water will be ready. Then add the soaked rice in to the boiling water, cook the rice 50% – 60%, remove some water from that and keep aside, and then strain the rice and keep aside.

Finishing & Garnishing:

Take a flat container, divide the boiled rice in to two parts. Add one part of the rice into that container and then add the lamb masala on top of the rice and on top of the masala, add the mace and cardamom powder. Then add the remaining part of the rice on top of the masala. Then, on top of the rice, add the saffron, clarified butter and rice water. Cover the container tightly and keep in the oven for 180 degree for 20 minutes. Don’t open when it is done; keep it for 10 minutes more. Then remove from the oven, open the cover and mix the rice and lamb very gently, so that the rice does not break. Finish it with roasted cashew nut on top.

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

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