McDonald’s Is Not Shutting Down Just Yet! You Can Enjoy It For A Few More Weeks

McDonald's outlets in delhi

We’ve got good news for you. All of those who we’re wondering where we’d get our favourite McDonald’s meals can rest easy for a few more weeks. Apparently, they’re not shutting down right away and we can chill for a little bit. We still have time to bid adieu to our good friend and saviour, and we can enjoy all our favourites at the surviving McDonald’s outlets in Delhi.

McDonald’s Outlets In Delhi Open Till 21 September!

We’d all heard earlier that all the 169 outlets of McDonald’s in North and East India will shut down on the 7th of September. Apparently, that’s a false statement. The remaining outlets will run till the NCLAT (National Company Law Appellate Tribunal) gives a verdict on the plea registered by McDonald’s as well as Vikram Bakshi (the one who runs the outlets). Tentatively, the date is set for the 21st of September. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is when we should start stocking up on those Happy Meal toys. It’s time we met all our school and college friends or took our colleagues out for breakfast or lunch #OneLastTime.

mcdonald's outlets in delhi

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We’re still hoping that the decision is taken in favour of Vikram Bakshi since thousands of jobs are in jeopardy at the moment. Many jumped ship as soon as they first heard that their outlet was about to shut down, but many have chosen to remain loyal to the brand until the end of days. This is an edgy situation, but we do understand that whatever verdict will come off of this will be well thought-out. Until then, we can rest easy for a little bit and munch on those fries until we can. So are you heading there today?

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