8 Desi Dishes We Want To See In The McDonald’s Happy Meal!

Happy Meal

Unless your childhood was spent largely living under a rock, you would know the joy of a Mcdonald’s Happy Meal. That magic meal box that contained just the right amount of our favourite treats from McDonald’s had been our reason for happiness when we were wee little kids. The basic idea behind a Happy Meal box was to bring to you food that will make you happy. Come to think of it, that first bite into a McPuff or the McAloo Tikki really takes us back to simpler times. But, we still feel that nothing comes close to our favourite street eats that we still go back to over and over again as adults. In fact, we conducted a small poll to see what Indias would like to see in a desi Happy Meal. Let’s find out what the people had to say. 

The Desi Happy Meal

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1. Momos

Happy Meal

A plate of steam momos. Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Momos are directly proportionate to happiness. We simply love these Tibetan dumplings that comes in various innovative fillings besides the basic vegetable and chicken fillings. Moreover, momos are now available in fried, tandoor and gravy forms. Why wouldn’t we be happy gorging on theses momos?

2. Golgappas

Happy Meal

A plate full of golgappas. Photo Courtesy Of: Wikipedia

Golgappas are our first street food love. The tiny round puri filled with tangy water immediately hits our happy nerves making us feel content with joy. The easy availability at every nook and corner is another reason why love our golgappas.

3. Rajma Chawal

Happy Meal

Rajma Chawal. Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

A dish that has made every Indian kid happy is rajma chawal. North Indians don’t just eat rajma chawal, they crave for it like it’s some form of weed. This desi food is ‘love’ for all of us and nobody can make it better than our moms. 

4. Butter Chicken

Happy Meal

Butter Chicken. Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

When in doubt, always get butter chicken. Nothing could ever make us happy more than a bowl of our favourite butter chicken. Get a basket full of garlic naan and you won’t see the smile disappear from your face even once.

5. Kebabs

Happy Meal

Kebabs. Photo Courtesy Of: Flickr/ Saish746

Getting good kebabs is what we live for. From galouti kebab, seekh kebab to kakori kebab and dahi ke kebab, our love for these humongous varieties of kebabs is beyond measure. Moreover, kebabs are available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians making it our happiest meal.

6. Pav Bhaji

Happy Meal

Pav Bhaji. Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

If you love spicy food, Pav Bhaji definitely is our go-to happy food. The mashed potato and vegetable bhaji along with round buns make for a perfect meal and its heavenly flavours immediately make us happy.

7. Biryani

Happy Meal

Chicken Biryani. Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

If we are discussing food that makes our insides happy, how can biryani not make it to the list? Biryani is probably the most delicious food that you can gorge on. It not only satiates your hunger pangs but its flavours also make our joyful.

8. Jalebi

Happy Meal

Jalebi. Photo Courtesy Of: Pixabay/ Vitamin

Desserts are a proven source of happiness. Amidst an ocean of desserts, the jalebi is loved by one and all. One bite of this spiral Indian dessert dipped in sugar and the happy hormones in your body kick in!

Whether you eat from a McDonald’s Happy Meal or make your own version of the desi Happy Meal, you have to admit that these foods truly make us peaceful and happy human beings. Tag a friend who just cannot live without these awesome-sauce dishes and tell us what you think should be in the desi Happy Meal in the comments below!

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