This Kashmiri Restaurant Is Using Winter Greens & Juicy Meats To Keep Away The Chill

Matamaal in Gurgaon

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy authentic Kashmiri fare. The spices are warm and the food is rich. A lot of heart and soul goes into cooking the dishes on a simple Kashmiri menu. This season is a lovely time to binge and enjoy fresh produce, rich gravies and fragrant spices that hail from what is fondly called the Switzerland of India. Savour the many hues of a Kashmiri winter with a seasonal feast at Matamaal in Gurgaon.

Matamaal In Gurgaon Brings Fresh Veggie Love

veggie dishes at matamaal gurgaon

Dum Aloo and other great veggie dishes are on the Winter menu. Photo Courtesy Of: Matamaal

For a cuisine that centres around mutton, Kashmiri food manages to sneakily pack in quite a few veggies as well, and winter is the time when all the roots and greens gang up together to present a perfect symphony. Matamaal prides itself as being very herbivore friendly, and apart from the usual suspects (Nadur Yakhni and Dum Aloo) serves up a delicious and very mild Haak – which is a winter green that now is a bit of a perennial player. What is not so easy to score in the months of heat is the very exclusive Sochal Wangun- a dish that will make even hard core meat eaters weak in their knees. Slightly pungent and almost smoky Marrow leaves with fleshy green eggplant (a combination made in heaven, says owner and chef-at-large Nalini) this fresh earthy pairing is divine with hot rice and is a meal in itself.

Of course, don’t miss out the Rajma Gogji– such a squishy, comforting version of an old classic- this seems like such an ingenious combination! Kidney beans cooked with tender chunks of turnips- this is a mild mannered dish that will remind you of a trip to a grandparent’s home.

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Enjoy Meaty Treats Too!

kashmiri fish dish at matamaal

Delicious and meaty seafood dishes feature on the menu too. photo Courtesy Of: Bikram Bindra

The intriguing practice of cooking meat with vegetables is an old Kashmiri tradition, and it helps to conjure up the most magical of dishes in the winter. Matamaal pays homage to this practice with a number of dishes, serving up some gems that we can still taste. Mutton lovers should get a portion of the Monje Suyen– juicy pieces of meat cooked with even juicier Kohlrabi (a winter treat that’s a cross between a cabbage and a turnip), in which the tender vegetable stews in meaty goodness.

Fish is typically enjoyed cold, paired with hot rice and a piquant gravy, and we enjoy the Gaad Nadur– very fleshy rohu with large chunks of lotus stem in a red curry.

fish dish at matamaal

Gaad Nadur at Matamaal. Photo Courtesy Of: Bikram Bindra

Sometimes the supporting stars shine too. A walnut chutney that is not as nutty as it is creamy, an array of hot cross Kashmiri breads and aromatic and soothing Kehwa will add their own magic to your meal, and help in kissing the winter blues goodbye.

So, head to Matamaal in Gurgaon for some great authentic Kashmiri fare. The food is great and plentiful, and it’s just the spot to dine in at with your folks.

Head to203, DLF City Court, Sikandarpur, Gurgaon
Say hello at+91 9899499043, +91 7861041234
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