Tunday Kebabi, Free Maggi & 5 Reasons To Make Your Way To Masalas Of India Festival

Masalas Of India Festival

Masalas of India Festival is coming to town this weekend, and we’re counting down the hours to it! Food from all parts of the country is going to be represented here, and we’re looking forward to familiar flavours and trying out unusual dishes too. This food festival is going to bring a whole other kind of craziness to the city, and we just can’t wait! We’re giving you five great reasons why you cannot miss this festival, no matter what.

1. Maggi Is Bringing Regional Flavours For The First Time & You Can Get Them For Free!

Maggi is launching four new flavours, and you can try it for the very first time at this food festival. Pick from Amritsari Achari, Super Chennai, Bengali Jhaal, and Mumbaiya Chatak as your tastebuds move from state to state, savouring the deliciousness. The best part is that you get this complimentary, and in unlimited quantity! We wonder if you really need more reasons to go there.

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2. Tunday Kebabi & Others Amazing Eateries Are Going To Be There

Masalas Of India Festival

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Did you just jump in your seat a little while reading this? Because we did too! You can savour the original Galouti Kebab from Tunday Kebabi in all its deliciousness right here at this festival. You don’t even have to take a special trip to Lucknow anymore.

Besides, you can also get amazing delicacies from Nagaland at The Categorical Eat Pham, and all kinds of momos from Darjeeling Steamers. Peninsular Kitchen, Thalaivar, and Desee Dakshin are bringing some delicious South Indian food. If you’ve been craving yummy Kashmiri food, Ahad & Sons have you covered. Bombay Brunch is getting the classic street food of Mumbai, like Sev Puri, Bhel Puri and Dahi Puri, and of course, Vada Pao. And Bengal food lovers can rejoice for there will be your favourite Kobiraji Cutlets and Machher Jhol at the festival too. And that’s not all, this festival is covering every corner of the country with their amazingly well-curated stalls!

3. Sweet Treats

Masalas Of India Festival

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

You can look out for Kulfis, Rasgullahs, Chuskis, and more at every turn! Charan Singh from South Ex is also coming to the festival with his Kulfi and Kala Khatta, and it’s going to get super crowded! So make sure you go there well ahead of everyone else. You really wouldn’t want to miss it!

4. Desi Coolers To Cool Down With

Masalas Of India Festival

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

Are you the type to go to old Delhi every other weekend, braving the heat just to get Mohabbat ki Sharbat? Well, this is one weekend when you won’t have to do that. Just drop into the festival and get your fill of this and lots of lassi, fruit beer, mango slush, shakes, shikanji and more.

5. Live Music

They’re setting up a big ass stage in the middle of the action, and all the homegrown artists are going to have you dancing in no time. Their enticing songs, coupled with the delicious food and delectable drinks are going to knock your socks off! Be prepared to be wowed at every step at the Masala of India Festival!

Head to Ansal Plaza

Dates 29-30 April 

Timings 4 pm – 11 pm

Tickets To be announced

Explore Masalas of India – Regional Food Festival

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: SoDelhi

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