Madurai-Based Chef Breaks Records By Making 2089 Dishes In 50 Hours! 

Ever heard of 2100 dishes cooked continuously for 2 days by a single chef? Well, this will blow your mind away!

First Things First

Madurai-based Chef Ram Prakash attempted to set a new Guinness World Record by making 2089 dishes in 50 hours in an event he called the Longest Solo Cooking Marathon. Earlier in 2015, Chef MS Rajamohan had set the record by making 1204 dishes in 48 hours and Chef Prakash broke that record with his marathon cooking chops.

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What Was On The Menu?

Some of the dishes Chef Prakash made were Vallarai Keerai Nei Soru (vegetable and rice dish), Kaatuthulasi Kaalan Vadai (wild tulsi vada), Semparuthi Pazha Dosa, Sukku Vendaya Keerai Halwa (savoury halwa), Vethalai Milagu Sadham (paan and chilli rice) and many more traditional dishes, which were also on the list for the world record set by Chef Rajamohan.

With a break of less than 4 hours, Prakash managed to produce the number of dishes he had aimed to complete. He humbly dedicated this achievement to his mentor and mentioned that the main aim of this was to bring back the lost recipes where food was cooked without sugar, refined oil, artificial colours and maida. Through this marathon, he wanted to promote Sangakala Tamil Unavu. “It was a challenging task as we had to brave the weather and frequent power cuts. Surveillance camera failed once and the time lost had to be compensated,” he told The Hindu.

This unbelievable achievement is a milestone for the industry and is definitely a treat to the eyes & ears!

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