10 Festive Things That Need To Be On Your Lohri Checklist

Lohri 2018

Lohri 2018 is right around the corner and preparations are on in full swing. Lohri marks the end of the cold winter season and we begin to look forward to a beautiful spring. It is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti that marks the arrival of bright, sunny days. A lot of traditions and rituals go into Lohri celebrations and it is easy to miss out on some important things that you may need while shopping. Don’t know what all you will be needing for Lohri 2018? We’ve created this handy Lohri checklist to make sure you stock up on everything you need beforehand. 

Lohri 2018 Checklist

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1. Black Til

Lohri 2018

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You just can’t be celebrating Lohri without black sesame seeds. Black til is supposed to soak in all the negative energy and bring out the best in people. According to mythology, black sesame seeds come from the pious body of rishi Kashyap when he was meditating. Hence, it is widely used in Indian rituals and pujas.

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2. Wood

You can’t be burning a huge fire out of thin air. You need to collect a lot of wood to be able to pull off a large scale Lohri. Lohri is a community festival, so the bigger the fire, the longer it will last and the more number of people can join in the fun. So for obvious reasons, collect loads of wood beforehand.

3. Goithe

Lohri 2018

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Goitha is basically another name for dried cow dung. Cow dung is used as fuel in the rural suburban areas of India. In some villages, girls go from door to door collecting enough goithe to light the fire for Lohri. This starts a few days before the actual celebration and is now a ritual that a lot of people in cities follow too. Not the door to door part, but adding goithe to the fire.

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4. Peanuts and Popcorn

Peanuts and popcorn along with a couple of other snacks are all thrown into the fire, probably because people like the sound of things popping in the fire. But, majorly because traditionally food was thrown into the fire as an offering to appease the Gods and thank them for the wonderful harvest. These snacks are also what you will nibble on while you enjoy the warmth of the bonfire. 

5. Rewari and Gajak

Lohri 2018

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Traditionally, on the Lohri day, kids would go from door to door singing songs. Every house that they would visit, would offer them treats such as chikki, gajak and rewari. These were often regarded as the prasad for Lohri. 

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6. Phulkari

Phulkari is a type of handicraft dupatta that new brides use to adorn themselves on the Lohri day especially in Punjabi households.  So, if Lohri 2018 is your first Lohri after your wedding, you need to get one now!

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7. Ganna

Lohri 2018

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Sugarcane is harvested in the month of January and offered to the fire for goodwill. Ganne ka ras used in kheer is fundamental to Lohri celebrations in Punjabi households. So, get yourself some fresh ganna this Lohri 2018!

8. Thaal

Now, here’s an essential. You have lots of snacks that people like to enjoy on Lohri, but what will you serve them in? You need a thaal to keep all the stuff together at one place. This puja ki thali is an important element for most Indian rituals and festivals and you just can’t do without it. 

9. Mishri

Lohri 2018

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How can we forget the quintessential mishri that we all love? It is used as prasad, popped into the fire and also needed during the puja rituals for Lohri. 

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10. Gehu Ki Bali and Bajre Ki Phulliyan

These two are the most traditional offerings on Lohri. Gehu ki Bali and Bajre Ki Phulliyan (branch of the crop) are roasted and offered to the fire to thank the Gods for the great harvest and pray for abundance.

I hope we didn’t miss out on anything. So, what are you waiting for? Your checklist is in place, go get ready for a fabulous Lohri.

Happy Lohri 2018!




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