The “Ladis Nitez” Guys Who Invite You Into Restaurants Are The WORST!

Ladies Nights In Hauz Khas Village

Picture this. You’re out with your friends, roaming the market, hoping to have a lovely dinner with them. Out there to create a host of pleasant memories. You’re all adults who have been told what to do for the majority of your life at home. And then, walking innocently enough, someone thrusts a smelly page in your face. “Sir LADIS NITEZ?” These people are the bane of my existence and I hope to see them removed from the face of the planet. It’s not just the fact that they are a tremendous pain in the ass. These guys who try and invite you to different ladies nights in Hauz Khas Village represent, on so many levels, exactly the kind of attitude that I despise in the food industry. 

The League Of Extraordinary Copycats

A small restaurant owner from France who had been living in Delhi for a few years once told me “Delhi is a city of copycats.” It might not be completely untrue. This trend of having a member of your staff chase you around like it’s a goddamned fish market began when restaurants started having a maître d’. The maître d’ would stand in front of the establishment with a pen and notebook, taking reservations, welcoming guests and taking them to their seats. It’s a noble profession and yet somehow, it got derailed. In Hauz Khas village, more and more restaurants began opening one on top of the other. And every one of them was doing the absolute same thing.

It was the same concept & bottom-line only mentality.

As competition increased they decided that word of mouth wasn’t bringing enough customers. So they shifted their maître d’ and their podium to the road outside. But when everyone started doing that, the restauranteurs decided to put people on the streets and hound their customers into coming into their establishment. 

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The Most Annoying & Pointless Job In The World

I don’t blame the guys who do the job themselves. They’re just trying to earn a buck. But it’s the restaurant owners. The model for restaurants before was that you let your work and your great food speak for itself. But who would care to invest in food when you can get someone to get customers from the streets.

In fact, if a person comes up to me on the street to convince me to eat at their restaurant, I’d immediately consider it to be a sign that it will not be a great experience.

If anything, this kind of marketing tactic is an insult to our collective intelligence as customers. We can make our own bloody decisions, thank you very much. We don’t need someone to tell us what place we’re going to have fun at. 

I can’t stand these guys, mostly because they remind me that a lot of restaurants these days are devoid of passion and thought. The same passion and thought that makes our favourite places so memorable and unique. You feel like someone has put in their heart and soul into something that they believe in.

We love that twinge of humanity, passion and honesty at any establishment. Be it a tea shop or a Michelin-Star restaurant.

We don’t want to feel like all that the restaurant cares about is getting you there. We don’t want to feel like a part of the bottom line. And we certainly don’t want to feel like someone can sell us a great experience with a “ladis nite” pamphlet shoved in our face. “The distance between Don Quixote and the petty bourgeois victim of advertising is not so great as romanticism would have us believe.” We all hate being advertised to, because we hate being deluded. Nobody cares about a deal. Seriously. At the end of the day, a deal can go to the dogs as long as you have a great time. And nobody can stand on the street and sell you that. 

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