7 Delicious Chicken and Mutton Dishes That You Just Cannot Miss At Karim’s In Old Delhi

Karim's in Old Delhi

Karim’s in Old Delhi has never failed us. The food there is to die for, from oil soaked seekh kebabs to the saffron infused biryanis to the gorgeous yet beautiful mutton stew complemented by either roomali/khameeri naan or sheermals. This place is not for the ‘gym-hearted’ peeps but rather for people who make such places their gyms!

The moment you enter through the narrow gates, you are greeted with mountains of naans, handis filled with delightful curries in one corner and a couple of two-wheelers parked on the other. It’s not your typical restaurant, feels like a couple of shops combined to create one majestic dining area. So here’s a list of 7 such dishes that you should give a chance when you Karim’s in Old Delhi

1. Seekh Kebabs at Karim’s

seekh kebabs at Karims Old Delhi

Photo Courtesy Of: Karim’s

Succulent kebabs dripping with the fatty oil it’s cooked in, are a surefire way to win your hearts! Every bite you take of these tender kebabs will always leave you wanting for more.

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2. Mutton Stew at Karim’s

Cooked in various spices, it’s one of those dishes that you cannot miss at any cost whatsoever! This dish is the right mix of masalas and oils used to cook it in.

3. Chicken Reshmi Kebab at Karim’s

chicken reshmi kebabs at Karims

Photo Courtesy Of: Karim’s

Reshmi kebabs are created by lining the pieces with a batter made of eggs. As is the name, the kebabs are as silky smooth to eat as they are to touch!

3. Nahari at Karim’s

Served only in the morning, one would have to take special efforts to go and eat breakfast there. Cooked overnight with the taar, leftover Nahari cooked the day before, gives it its special taste.

4. Brain Curry at Karim’s

You won’t be surprised when you order this dish, it is made out goat’s brains. Or as they like to call it, Maghz. Mild spices doused in oily curry help this dish get it amazing flavours.

5. Chicken Biryani at Karim’s

It is one of those dishes on their menu that one can devour with all your might and you’ll still long for more and more. It’s served to you prepared in a very Mughal fashion, topped with fried onions and half a boiled egg. Surely, you’d be a fool to skip this! 

6. Shami Kebab at Karim’s

Sister to the seekh kebabs that they offer, Shami kebab has a unique flavour of its own. Made with mutton keema into little disks, these kebabs are the perfect companion with those seekh kebabs and roomali rotis.

7. Tandoori Bakra at Karim’s

tandoori bakra by karim's

Photo Courtesy Of: Karim’s

Wondering why haven’t you tried the Tandoori Bakra at Karim’s. I’ll tell you. You have to place the order 24 hours before you want to gorge on this awesome item from their Shan-e-Tandoor category on the menu. But this is enough to fill the hearts and stomachs of more than 5 people at once. It is so good!

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