The Amazing Butter Chicken Pulao By Joocy Is All The Reason To Order In Gurgaon

Butter Chicken Pulao

Delivering across Gurgaon in record speed and in packaging that looks way to good to ruin, Joocy is doing a spread that reminds us of buffets, and homemade feasts. And more than anything else, that Butter Chicken Pulao is too good to be true.

In A Nutshell

The thing is, Joocy prides itself on its impeccable presentation and well, we have to say, we were impressed. Doing some amazing European preparations and American dishes, we’d be lying if we said that picking a top contender from their spread was easy. It definitely was not.

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Perfect Spot

Coming straight to your doorstep, the perfect spot to gorge on everything would be: Anywhere you please. the packaging is microwave proof and you can reheat in case you need your food to be piping hot, but we definitely did not need it in our case.

Raise A Toast To

They are doing a couple of really fun coffees and we tried the Vietnamese as well as the New Orleans cold brews and well, it had us working well into the night. These cold brews come with sugar, brown sugar and sugar-free if you so need. The glass bottles are reminiscent of the Keventer’s packaging and we can say that the quantity is more than enough for one.

On The Silver Platter

One of the best parts of ordering from Joocy is that every single dish of their’s has an accompanying dip, so even when you’re done with your meal, you’ll have dips left over for your snacks. And well, they are really well-made, so we didn’t have the heart to waste it.

Starting with the Saigon Salad, the dressing and the gewgaws of the salad went so well together that we obviously finished it in one go. The crunch was fresh even though the food had travelled all the way from G-Town to Delhi. The Tofu Burrito Bowl is perfect for someone trying to eat healthy. The tofu was succulent and the dips were tasteful. The Pesto Paneer we were in two minds about (before trying it, of course) but we were more than pleasantly surprised about the freshness and piquancy of the pesto. And it went really well with the cottage cheese.

Butter Chicken Pulao

Coming to the Indian counterparts, for us, the Butter Chicken Pulao won hands down. And the dish comes with a Butter Chicken dip (how cool is that now?). The Paneer and the Mutton Biryani were a little sticky for our taste but it was really filling, so anyone with a giant appetite should definitely go for this.

The Chicken Bibimbap is a great dish for someone looking for new flavours and newer cuisines, and we can safely say, you won’t be disappointed with this one. The chicken is soft and we’d definitely order this twice.

Bitter Pill

We expect our Lamb Burgers to be absolutely juicy and heavenly, and we do believe the burgers fell short here. But they have giant portions, so if you’re really craving a Lamb Burger with a soft fluffy bun, you should just go for it. If not, you’ll always have Butter Chicken Pulao.

Food For Thought 

Doing some exotic flavours in their menu, Joocy has the whole world cuisine thing down pat. And the best part is that it comes to your door. So if you’re living in Gurgaon and cursing the traffic or don’t want to make a trip to Delhi, then order in some Joocy and watch the magic unfold.

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