17 Yummy Reasons To Visit JNU That Have NOTHING To Do With Student Politics

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

The Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, is in news for all the wrong reasons these days. They should rather be in news for having the best JNU Dhabas in Delhi! It is among India’s highest ranking university, with the best lot of intellectuals who somehow clear their entrances and become part of a lifestyle that’s entirely JNU. But beyond the cheap accommodation, widespread greenery and a liberating environment, JNU offers something that is close to all our hearts: Food!

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

“Dear JNU,

Here’s a plea. From what I have heard and the times I have somehow managed to get inside your campus, I have noticed an array of Dhabas and eateries that sell divine food for dust cheap prices. I understand that while the decision to keep the university closed with tight security arises from the political significance that is taking toll on JNU. Yet, I believe that you must open your gates sometimes for all the food lovers.”

The eateries in JNU thrive on what they offer to their students who come from around the country and abroad. There is a range of cultural variety in the dishes that’s available. Within the bounds of the evergreen university, there are culinary gems, waiting to be devoured! Here’s a list of places you can head to to get your share of yummy at JNU:

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Dhabas Near Sabarmati Hostel

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

1. Al Labanese Shawarma

If you are still debating in your head about which place sells the best shawarmas, rest your thoughts. Al Labanese near 24*7 serves the best shawaramas in town, along with a green mint chutney that will blow you away. However, you will miss it if you waltz in during the day. They open shop at 5:00 pm. So make sure the sun is down when you go there!

Pay INR 120 for two people (approx)

2. North Eastern Dhaba

North Eastern Dhaba is famed for their Chinese offerings and Fruit Beer. So I ordered half a plate of chilli garlic chicken noodles and one fruit beer, which cost me a total of 70 bucks! I mean wow, guess I will always head to JNU to have lunch. Most students from IIMC still do that.

Pay INR 200 for two people (approx)

3. 24×7 Food Court

Well, it’s just called the 24*7 food court but has to shut down at 11:00 pm now. It used to stay open for longer hours, but things change. The place is known for their North Indian tandoori items. Their Afghani Chicken is worth sinking your teeth in.

Pay INR 300 for two people (approx)

Outlets Near Lohit Hostel

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

4. Mughal Darbar

At the utmost end of JNU, there is this Mughlai Dhaba that caters to all your Biryani and Mutton cravings. This extravagant dhaba is right in front of Lohit hostel. They offer a wide range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. It’s a one stop shop to have a Mughlai feast! Special Mention Of Raju Bhaiya Ki Maggi, which is served in a little dhaba right next to this grand affair of Mughal Darbar. Raju Bhaiya is really popular among the humble peeps of JNU. So if you are headed to Mughal Darbar, do drop by!

Pay INR 300 for two people (approx)

5. Raju Bhaiya Ka Dhaba

This is the first in-hostel dhaba of JNU and is really popular among the nocturnal crowd. Special Mention Of Raju Bhaiya Ki Maggi, which is served right next to the grand affair of Mughal Darbar but has it’s own charm. Raju Bhaiya is really popular among the humble peeps of JNU. So if you are headed to Mughal Darbar, do drop by!

6. Tapti Da Dhaba

Tapti da Dhaba/Parantha Point/Tapti ke peeche wala dukaan, call it what you like, this is where you will find all kinds of instant noodles, even Patanjali noodles! It is also famous for the awesome chutney they serve with the amazing paranthas famed across the campus. Also, if you are already here, then hear me girls! There is also this golgappa stall right next to the Dhaba, that will cater to all your chatapata cravings!!

Outlets In The KC Market

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

7. Qureshis

So the stories of shawarmas don’t end here. Qureshis also serve really great shawaramas along with a variety of other Mughlai cuisines for all meat lovers! If you are at the KC market and want ecstatic flavours, here is where you can find them.

8. Kiechha’s

This is a Tibetan food outlet, which will curb your cravings for soft and succulent momos. You would find yourself going back to Kieccha for more Tibetan flavours and gravy noodles, every time you are sick! You can also try their preparation of Smoked Dry Lamb, because that’s divine!!

Near The Bank

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

9. Godavari Dhaba

Now this place is not so much of a Dhaba than a small fix for your hunger. You get amazing Maggi for your mid-day meal pangs and that’s where you should be headed, if you are a Maggi lover like we are!

10. Teflas Canteen

From Spring Rolls, to Dal Makhani, you will get it all at the Teflas Canteen. It is a student activity centre and is always brimming with young faces that are stuffed with food!

Outlets Near The Health Centre

11. Ganga Dhaba

One of the oldest Dhabas in JNU, the place opened in 1985. It has an open area with tree shade for your tea stories. The dhaba is famed for the home feelz they impart to all who come to eat their paratha- sabji, gujiyas, egg roll, yummy shakes and chowmein!! Basically a dhaba that will serve you with  delicacies that will make you feel at home.

Pay INR 120 for two people (approx)

12. ‘Ram Singh’ Ka Dhaba

While Ganga Dhaba is a landmark in itself, there’s another dhaba in the vicinity called Ram Singh Ka Dhaba. You better get your hands on their chicken curry and tandoori roti, served right out of tandoor!

13. Poorvanchal Area Near Brahmaputra Hostel

JNU Dhabas In Delhi

Photo Courtesy Of: Raghavan Prabhu via Flickr

From Daiya Ji’s amazing ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ paranthas with sabji and the mouthwatering shakes that are so cheap you can buy 10 of them and still not be broke. Not to forgt Pramod’s maggi, bread omlet and half-fry. This Poorvanchal area is the one place for all IIMC students to come and get a decent meal. Plus, Yadav Ji’s out-of-the-world chai is just… out of-the-world.

14. Library Canteen

Head to the multi-storied Central Library building if you are craving some South Indian flavours. Opened in 1987 and owned by K.P Gopalan, the canteen is a favourite among many. Their chicken curry with rice makes you want to lick the plate, post your meal.

15. School Canteens

All the school canteens – SL, SIS , SSS 1,2,&3, Robin’s cafe in the Computer Science building and the Jungle Hut cafe of CSLG. While the SSS canteen will pleasantly surprise you with the vast variety of food you get there. The SIS canteen serves you delish mutton cutlets for dirt cheap price of INR 12! Not to forget their yummy mutton keema, lacchha paranthas and popular cold coffee!! You just need to go around asking for these places inside the campus and you will find to your surprise that a food-walk inside JNU is a never ending journey!

16. Aravalli Guest House

Now there are plenty of places inside JNU that serve thalis and yummy meals. But the restaurant on the ground floor of Aravalli Guest House serves delicious lunch and dinner comprising of freshly fried fish and fried chicken among other wholesome meals!

17. Shambhu Dhaba

Lst but not the least, Shambhu Dhaba!! It’s the only authentic point for fish for everyone at JNU. From teachers to all the young students head over to Shambhu’s to grab a meal, before they are greeted with empty plates and dry smiles. Yep, getting good fish ain’t easy anywhere! Also people, remember it’s only open for lunch and it’s popular. So make haste when you are headed there to get your fix of Bong -style cuisines!!

Parthasarathy Rocks!

This one is not a food joint, but it deserves a special mention in all things JNU. The age old legacy of bonfires and clinking beer bottles have now seem to come to an end. But the PS Rocks still remain the adda for most friends who just want to hang out and chill.

I believe these are fair reasons to seek an entry inside the JNU campus! Atleast twice a year, JNU should open doors for the foodies to come and explore the extravagant food culture. Even Amitabh Bacchan opened the gates of Gurukul in Mohabbatein. Now come on JNU!

Featured Photo Courtesy Of: Wikimedia Commons

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