6 AMAZING Indian Women Breaking Taboos & Ruling The Liquor Industry In 2018!

International Women’s Day

Women around the world are entering different arenas that were forbidden for them till a few years back. From corporate and politics to entertainment and media, women have conquered all sectors. They have made their presence felt in the liquor industry too, which is mostly considered a man’s arena. Women have reached the outer space but still consuming alcohol or being associated with it is considered a “sin”. People around the world, especially India, look down upon women who consume liquor. That’s the ugly truth. Breaking all barriers, few women have achieved heights in the liquor industry and made a niche for themselves. This International Women’s Day 2018, feel proud of these six amazing women who are ruling the liquor industry with panache.

International Women’s Day 2018: Rulers of Liquor Industry

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1. Sonal Holland           

Breaking all barriers, Sonal Holland became world’s first Master of Wine from India. She proved her vast understanding of different facet of the wine industry and is recognised by the Institute of Masters of Wine. Holland also owns Sonal Holland Wine Academy that offers WSET wine courses and offer consultancy services to various hotels.

2. Aparna Batra

With over 19 years of managerial experiences, Aparna Batra heads William Grant & Sons India as its CEO. In a country where women talking about alcohol are considered shameful, Batra holds a opinion about the alcohol trends in India. She believes that India has a robust whiskey drinking market and manages her organisation keeping the consumer behaviour in mind.

3. Madhulika Bhattacharya

Madhulika Bhattacharya spearheads La Cave, which is a premium wine store in Delhi. She had launched the store with an aim to provide Indian women with a place where they can buy alcohol freely. Bhattacharya also strives to make wines more accessible to people who she believes are generally intimidated with the subject.  

4. Dharti Desai

Dharti Desai is the founder of Fine Wines N More, which is one of the top wine retailers in the country. Desai not only organises wine tasting evenings, dinners and tours for her customers but also gives free tasting notes with the wines. She leads a team of wine advisors who recommend wines to the customers.

5. Kiran Patil

Kiran Patil manages Reveilo Wines as a partner and also heads the sales and marketing department. With an aim to improve wines sold by Reveilo, Patil is also known for creating a success story for her company.

6. Karishma Grover

In a bid to make earn a place in her family business, Karishma Grover studied winery before she joined Grover’s as the Assistant Winemaker. She makes wine at the Grover Vineyards even when women holding a glass of wine are still considered inappropriate in India.

In a patriarchal society like India, people still have a hypocritical mindset when it comes to women consuming alcohol. However, some women refuse to abide to live by these biased societal rules and live life as they like. This international women’s day 2018, kill all the evil of the society which becomes a roadblock in your path. Celebrate womanhood with pride just like these six amazing women who are ruling the liquor industry in 2018.

Wishing all women Happy International Women’s Day 2018!

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