This Delhi Man Found Insects & Bugs In Domino’s Oregano Sachets & Here’s The Full Video!

Insects In Dominos Pizza

We all like to have days when we can kick back and relax with a chilled beverage and a pizza. Cooking seems like such a task these days and we’d rather spend that time watching TV or having a conversation. The pizza arrives and our gut instinct is to reach out for the packets that contain chilli flakes and oregano, and many of us sprinkle them all over our pizza without a second thought. They’re only condiments, right? Well, you may want to look closely from now on, for this man found insects in Dominos pizza oregano packets and he’s uploaded a revolting video on social media as proof.

Insects In Dominos Pizza Packets

Delhi’s Rahul Arora had ordered a pizza like any other person on Friday evening and fell ill the morning after. He happened to notice tiny insects moving around in the oregano sachets and even uploaded a video where he opens a completely sealed packet pours out the contents into a small steel bowl. You can immediately see the tiny brown insects scurrying away.

Domino’s has replied to Arora’s tweet saying that they follow strict procedures and that they’d want to investigate the matter with him over a private conversation. The sachets even have the FSSAI accreditation on them. In which case, we wonder whether brands really adhere to the rules and regulations that FSSAI has put into place when they package anything.

Rahul Arora later got a call from Domino’s offering to replace his order. But, he told them off by saying that the issue is not a home delivery complaint and that the illness was caused due to the consumption of contaminated food. It’s wrong to trivialise such a thing.

He has also registered a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs and is waiting for a response. As quoted to NDTV, he said that “I wonder what would have happened if this happened in the US,” and that “The chalta hai attitude towards Indian consumers should end.”

Now, we understand that Domino’s probably doesn’t package its own oregano, and it probably has outsourced this to another company that prints and packages the herbs under the name of the brand. This does lead us to think whether the source goes through quality check from time to time.

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Since the video and Arora’s story went viral over the internet, Domino’s has released a statement that says, “This is with respect to a Consumer Complaint received on 11th September 2017 regarding oregano sachets, supplied by one of our vendors, in an outlet in Gurugram. The Company has since carried out a comprehensive inspection across vendors & stores and would like to reassure that all our food ingredients are safe for consumption and we have not received any other complaint of this nature.” 

“Jubilant FoodWorks maintains stringent hygiene and quality standards for its products. All the vendors and manufacturing units are FSMS (food safety management systems) certified. We also have Hazard & Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified (globally accepted standard for quality certification) commissaries where we follow strict quality standards and have a regular Audit process of all ingredients used.”

“Jubilant FoodWorks values its consumer’s experience and would like to reassure all its Consumers about best quality products, service and a great Domino’s experience at all times.”

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